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Yesterday's 5K - New PB... At a price!

Ooh, yesterday's 5k was tough!

Still high on the last 5K and my fun, surprisingly easy intervals with the small running buddy during the week, I felt up for increasing my pace for this run... with a 5K already under my belt, surely my training wheels were off now and I could run rabbit run, faster than a rocket, shaving minutes off my last time... Couldn't I?! ;)

Nope! The training wheels are still firmly on and I've learned my lesson - be patient and don't push too hard! Legs ache like crazy today and may need an extra rest day tomorrow instead of the 5k run I'd planned to do (but hopefully not... I want to run!) Naughty, sheepish, running-scared - and to add insult to injury, the amount I actually took off my last time is far less than impressive!

I set off way too fast on the first two laps, shot off at a crazy speed for me and wiped myself out! The gadget was suitably impressed showing me new records for fastest laps, BUT needless to say, I paid for my cockiness... The last 3K was something of a slog and super slow! Looked like a beetroot and felt like a wally by the time I was thankfully done - 5.1K... the time 34:02. Just 1 minute and 4 seconds quicker than the last one!

Next run out, I will take at my own usual comfy pace - every lap. Will just enjoy my route and ignore the gadget. Im not ready to chase down fast 5K times yet. My legs need plenty more training and this distance is still a challenge for me. (Those first 2K were fun though ;))

Enjoy your weekend runs all x

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Sensible girl!

It really does pay to take it steady...I feel a bit the same as you today... maybe pushed myself a bit too far too.

Maybe it's the dry weather... we just want to get out there and run like the wind!

Plus...when those naughty devilish gadgets ping..*New Record* it lulls us into thinking we are all Speedy Gonzales!!!! I know, it happened to me on Thursday!!!!

You did brilliantly though. A good distance, even if you turned into a running beetroot.

I think the enjoyment is the thing... I have been giving folk that message, but perhaps not always heeding it myself:) We need to behave better, as Graduates should :)

You take a well deserved rest... soothe the aching legs and be ready for a steady 5K when you are recovered.

I shall do likewise...for longer... and with maybe, a small glass of wine later, to aid my recovery time...after all.........I am a lot older than you :)

Well done anyway, you.... onwards and upwards???? x

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