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Running to a pace (new 5k PB)


After the success (for me, anyway) of running to the average pace display of my Garmin, I set myself a challenge for todays run - maintain an average pace of 6:30/km. I knew that would be challenging a) because that equates to a 5k time of 32:30, and my PB was 33:27 and b) the day was getting hotter!

I found managing my run much easier this way, as I wasn't having to mental maths as I ran, working out how I was doing - I just eased off if I was going too fast (avg pace increasing) or (tried to) speed up if I was falling behind.

I managed it fairly well for the first 3k, then started to find the going getting heavier. My splits for the first 4k were 6:31, 6:24, 6:33 and then 6:52 - ouch! I managed to grit my teeth and press again as I counted down the last k, which I did in 6:38. Total time for the 5k was 32:58 - I broke 33 minutes and took almost 30 seconds off my PB - yay!

It's an interesting way to run, and allows you to really challenge yourself.

My run -

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That's brilliant. Well done Steve. A little tip - try running slower at the beginning and pace yourself so you have enough left in the tank to speed up for the later splits. I always try to have my fastest split on the last one. It does work.

But 30 seconds off your PB? Fab.

Steve_LGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks, IP! good advice - on this occasion, though, I didn't know how much gas I had to start with!


Wow, that is great Steve. Congratulations - both with the PB and with the excellent technique. Nice one!

Steve_LGraduate in reply to Tomas

Thanks, Tomas!


Well done Steve.

Well done. I was very interested to read this as I ran for the first time with my garmin yesterday and having previously fooled myself that I ran quite steady I really do not. It was beeping away at me so much I felt like dancing along. I had no idea whether it was telling me I was going too fast or too slow and it was beeping too much to keep looking

Your splits look much steadier than mine. I need to keep trying. ...

Any tips?

Steve_LGraduate in reply to goonkeepgoing

Keep running! Seriously, I'd hate to pretend to know anything about running. I just love to run and keep learning about my body. Today was the first run where I know I was close to my limit at the moment. Running to a target is an interesting experience!

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