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Happy New 5k PB to start the year..!


...got a 34 min 18 sec 5k today! Yay!! Over 2 mins less than my last one, last weekend! The absence of ice meant that I could run in parts that haven't been available of late. I'd intended to do a usual 30 minute run, but was at 4.5k at 30 minutes, so gritted my teeth and headed for the finish line...

My plan (I know, right, me...I have one :-) ) is to run two weekday 30 minute runs and a longer weekend one, alternating between improving a 5k time, one weekend, and a extending a distance, on the other....the thinking was that the 5k would eventually get closer to me, during my 30 minute runs (you have to dream, eh?), so I would be getting a few 5k runs in a week...eventually.

Today I felt I had the energy to creep away from my 30:30 run/walk intervals, so I varied them this time...set my Garmin to 30:30, but ran through beeps, mainly doing 60 secs run to 30 secs walk. It's quite blowy, so I reduced to 30:30 on the headwind sections and extended to 90:30 on the very slight downhill, tailwind sections (for anyone who's interested). Pushed a lot harder than I have been, given the challenging under-foot conditions of late, and am really pleased with my efforts...I am definitely getting fitter! YAY

So, Happy New Year, happy runners...may all your running (and other) 2015 wishes come true! :D

Toni x

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good run Tiki :D your times are pretty good now :D parkrun time i think ? haha

TikiczockyGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob


Well..tbh, it was your post about PR that made me go for it...on an, if Rob can go faster, so can I, basis!!! LOL ahem...I am very bloomin' competitive (need to reign it in)!

Checked my local PR and see that still most get in in less than 34, so it will be a while before I venture there, I think. :s Something to work towards though.

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Tikiczocky

not such a bad basis to work with :) I still dont think i am that fast . Good to have a goal to work towards Tiki :D Mine for this year are def sub 30 and to run upto 10K :D with some hill work thrown in also :D


Happy new year! What a great start to 2015!

Sounds like a good plan you have got there!

Happy running


Great run, congratulations!

Good run Toni! Happy New Year Great start to 2015 with a PB ;-)


Well done Tiki -a cracking time!!! :)


Sounds like a great run Tiki!


Hey Toni , you are coming on in leaps and bounds , fab stuff ! Nice start to the New Year that :-) xxx

That's a great way to start a new year, a PB! Really well done and a Happy New Year to you.


Well done and happy new year.

Plan sounds good - doable too which is good - good (3rd good!) luck with it :-) xx


Tiki ??? Is that YOU!! Wow , babes you is like blimin amazing girlfriend!! Thirty blinkin four mins...... Wowser xxxx go you!! I bow down to your awesomeness.... Happy New Year :-) ;-)


Congrats Tiki!

Great stuff. You must be well chuffed.


Brilliant, well done you :)

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