5K run tonight and another PB!

Hi all

I was unsure about posting this as I really don't want this to come across as me blowing my own trumpet or anything but the thing is, it's only you, fellow c25k'ers that really understand why I'm so chuffed with myself :)

Tonight was my third 5K run which has resulted in three consecutive PB's! I really can't believe it. There was little in it between the first and second PB but tonight I knocked off a whole 1 minute 26 seconds resulting in a 28m 28s 5K run! I still can't believe it. I know there are many people out there running faster 5K's, and many older than myself, but I'm absolutely over the moon with that time. Blimey, I'll be 54 in October :)

My 5K graduation run was covered in 34m 37s

My first full 5K run was covered in 29m 57s

My second full 5K run was covered in 29m 54s

My third full 5K run, tonight, was covered in 28m 28s

I hope you can forgive me for sharing this news but I had to tell someone ;)

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54 Replies

  • oooh I forgive you! That is great, and I love the stats so keep them coming. Its always good to see how we improve over the weeks/months. I'm still taking just under 34 mins for my 5k but seeing your stats makes me realise that I may get under 30mins one day. That's my aim- we shall see. Well done Paul x

  • Thank you :) I hope by posting these that it offers encouragement to others.

  • Well done! I think this is literally 'coming on in leaps and bounds' 30 minutes and 5K are probably always going to be strangers in my life, but who could fail to appreciate your happy amazement coming off the screen?

    Just don't get hooked on having to be 'better' every time eh and keep enjoying your running.

  • Thanks and you're right about not getting hooked on improving at the expense of just enjoying the run. I'm determined not to do that. I think at the moment I'm maybe finding my 'level' as my fitness and stamina improve. I'm bound to reach a point where I can't go any faster :)

  • Yes, makes complete sense to me. Improvements are not always linear anyway.

  • Well done Paul. Do you feel like you made more effort so ran faster or is it easier to run faster over time?

  • The funny thing is, the run before last I didn't think I'd ran any faster and in fact my intention was to take it easy but I ended up running 3 seconds faster. Tonight again I didn't set out to get a PB and didn't feel I was putting in any greater effort than the last run except for the last 1k where I consciously made an effort to try and keep my pace up rather than tapering off as in previous runs. I suppose the PB's are just the result of increased fitness and stamina. I seem to be running with the same effort but going faster!

  • Excellent stuff Paul. Don't be embarrassed about posting your successes. You've worked hard for it and it's well deserved. Congratulations :)

  • Thanks, AncientMum :) Appreciate that ;)

  • Well done Paul. :-) You must be so thrilled; you're doing great and really are getting those times down! Don't be embarrassed about posting your times; I know what you mean as I'm the same and do still feel like that even now, but the only people who one can tell of our achievements are the good folk here, who genuinely understand what it means to us. I find that everyone else I know just isn't interested and glazes over, but not here! :-) Congratulations again and keep those PBs coming!

  • Thanks, MY. I know exactly what you mean about non-runners glazing over :) The thing is, I did the same thing when my work colleague used to bring up Garmin Connect on his work PC and start telling me that he had run x amount of miles over x amount of time but it didn't really mean anything to me. I suppose unless you have put yourself through it then it's very hard to appreciate what they have done which is why it's great posting to this forum ;)

  • If you can't share it here where can you share it. Fantastic times Paul, I know it means a lot to you. Congratulations!

  • Thank you :)

  • Blimey - you just get faster and faster! Don't be embarassed about it - you're right to be proud of your achievements. And the fact it seems easier is just evidence of how much fitter you've become. I'm sure you'll find your level eventually, but until then enjoy your results of all your hard work and commitment.

  • Thank you and I will :),

  • Excellent achievement Paul, Well done ! it just keeps getting better and better .... :-) xxx

  • Thanks, poppy :) I know PB's are not the be all and end all and I do intend just running for the enjoyment of it but it's still nice to see and feel how your body is improving. This c25k really does work ;)

  • I agree Paul, it really does work ,its enjoyable and if you improve your PB, its a win-win-win , nowt wrong with that :-) xxx

  • :)

  • Oh don't worry Paul, I come on here SPECIFICALLY to blow my own trumpet and congratulate other people who are blowing theirs. After all, running is so bad when it's bad we have to make it very good when it's good :)

    Congratulations! Knocking that amount of time off a PB is no mean feat, I'm normally delighted with seconds. Speaking of which, your 5K PB is now 8 seconds faster than mine, you rascal!

    It's really encouraging to hear of people taking that time down and down. I ran 10K in 1 hr 5 minutes yesterday, and posts like this give me hope that I might one day do that in under an hour.

    Well done again, I hope to see more boasting in the future :)

  • Lol, thank you :) That makes me feel better ;) As for 10k, I can only dream of running 10k and if I could I would be more than happy with that time. Well done, that is a massive achievement in itself.

  • Oh thank you too! If you want to get to 10K, I'm sure you could, these things creep up on us :)

  • Haha, they sure do creep up on us :)

  • Be proud of your achievement Paul. I love hearing peoples good news. That's the good thing about this forum. I think graduation is only the beginning. It's great to hear about you improving your time with each run. I graduated today and look forward to getting quicker and just enjoying running. We'll done.

  • Congratulations on your graduation :) I agree, I think graduation really is just the beginning but the beauty is each individual can get use the c25k as they see fit and which best suits them ;)

  • Well done Paul! be proud nothing wrong with this, keep sharing. :)

  • Thank you. I will ;)

  • Thanks, KK :)

  • Yes Paul, it is great to see your progress. Don't be ashamed of it. You recognise that folks here have a great variety of abilities, goals and expectations. A sub 28 minute time is something to be proud of when you've only just graduated, and this is the forum to share it!

  • Thanks, MarkyMark :) I still can't believe it's only about three months since starting the c25k.

  • Crikey! You're not hanging about are you! Fabbo times there Paul! You're doing really well and should be well chuffed with yourself. You're enjoying yourself too which is what makes it all so brilliant. You will get to 10 k. Never fear

  • Thanks, Miss W ;o) Yes, I'm really enjoying running as well. In fact, I was looking forward to my run all day ;o)

  • Well done Paul - you are right to shout it out here! The improvement is great and I know it means a lot to you... all of us here know we all have our own pace and times... and whether it's a few seconds off or a few minutes off a previous time (whether that was 58 minutes or 18 minutes) it is worth shouting about....

    Well done - crackin' time!

  • Thanks, Aussie ;o) You're right. The thing is I love to hear of other peoples achievements, too. Probably because we have all 'been there and done that' as it were ;o)

  • Yep - and the "P" in PB is "personal"... now I need to catch you... darn it... :)

  • Lol. I think you've got bigger plans to concentrate on, Aussie ;)

  • Paul you've GOT to do Parkrun ! It's all about PBs and they are published publicly, you need a wider audience !!! You are doing amazingly well, keep at it !

  • Thank you ;o) I was lining up my first park run this Saturday. However, my two daughters are wanting to accompany me and one of them currently has a broken toe so it looks like I will have to wait a bit longer before I get to do my first one!

  • Gosh those are great times Paul. Really well done. Keep posting and be proud. We all understand the effort and hard work required to get those times.

  • Thanks, Irishprincess ;o)

  • Hey, well done!

    Any thought yet of increasing the distance?

  • Thanks, frann ;o) Actually, yes, I was thinking the very thing a couple of runs ago. I went out with the intention of running 5.5K. However, that changed when I looked down at my watch and realised that a 5K PB maybe possible if I upped my pace for the last 1K so that's what I did and the distance went out of the window ;o) I think I'm going to just get a few more 5K distances in my legs over the coming month or so then start looking at the posssibility of training for 10K by increasing my distance gradually.

  • Ok, myself I "foolishly" undertook to run 6k before the end of the current quest! Aaaaah That's less than 3 weeks away!!!!

  • Oops :) I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck :)

  • Merci (or should it be mercy..)

  • :)

  • Blowing your own trumpet................Gawd what a deafening cacophony!!!! Don't worry, Paul, we are in tune with you. The beauty of this forum is the fact that we have all been there or are still there and as for PBs, they should be celebrated........from running non stop for a minute to a marathon.....they are all achievements that raise a smile from all of us.

    You are making great progress, just don't push too hard.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks, Ian ;o) I like that description, 'we are all in tune with you'. I think that sums up this forum perfectly ;o)

  • You do realise that by posting your times, you are setting a challenge for us youngsters (ahem 50 year olds) to beat. Challenge accepted, but you are probably safe!


  • Lol, thanks ;)

  • Ach thats brilliant- It does feel a bit like boasting doesnt it ( i felt like this wrioting my "5k in under 30mins" post on staurday which you kindly replied to ;)

    but reading this it doesnt come across like that (and i hope mine didnt!) It comes across as being proud of your may and significant achievements - so well done - and keep letting us know how you are getting on - we love it!

    Have you looked at age-graded times/percentages like they do at parkrun - thats liekly to make it all the more impressive :) :)

  • Thanks. No, your post didn't come across like that either :) As for age grading, I've had a brief look and have checked them on park runs sites etc. I better not try and set myself a goal of reaching 100% as I think that'll be one step too far ;)

  • Yes, you are doing so well!

  • Thanks ;)

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