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New 5k PB of 40 minutes


I went out last Thursday evening and managed a new 5K PB of 40 minutes. I'm really chuffed with this. I graduated in April 2014 and have since then been running 3 times most weeks. I'm writing about it here because I know that some folk worry as they get to the end of the programme that they are not under 30 minutes. So I really just want to say don't worry about it. Keep getting out there and having fun and your times will come down eventually. (My first full 5K took me 48 minutes). In case anyone is interested in what I think has helped:

* I use the Speed podcast about once every 2 weeks (usually when I'm pushed for time). I also use Stamina and a thing of RockMyRun that is a 45 minute 80s mix that gets progressively faster. I think that all these help

* I'm increasing my distance - up to 13k so far. I'm fairly sure this has a knock on effect on my speed at shorter distances. I do my long run once a week and try to add a kilometer on alternate weeks.

* The week before last I was on holiday (in Barcelona) and I walked a TON. My Garmin showed over 10k per day in walking. I suspect this was a factor.

I'm a woman in my late 40s with moderately arthritic knees.

happy running everyone

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Thank you for this lovely post and well done for all the goals you have achieved so far!!!


Well done! It's great to be able to see and celebrate improvements isn't it! You're doing quite some distances there.

Really nice to see that I am not the only ... erm ... not so fast runner on here, after running for well over a year now. I think you're fantastic :)


Well done! Great effort & achievement, keeping it up!


Fantastic, well done you!


Just what I needed to read, graduated ten days ago and knees have been giving me problems today, I am running less than I was when using the podcast and haven't really increased speed or distance, so it's not that I am overdoing it. Reading this post puts things in perspective a little. Well done for all you have achieved!


Oi! Are you living my running life? lol! You sound so much like me, I'm up to about that distance, my first 5 K was 48 mins, I use Speed about every 10 days or so...have you tried Stamina? I swear by that one too...

ajwyldGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

I really like Stamina. I try to do Speed or Stamina once a week. (Don't like Stepping Stone so much as I find it too slow at the beginning). But I actually did the 5K last week using an 80s mix on RockMyRun (one of the free ones - its about 45 minutes long and starts slowish and builds towards 160bpm) Also its got all the music on it that I remember from the 6th Year common room at school.

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to ajwyld

I really liked RMR, but now you have to have the app and my phone just isn't up for it...


Woo hoo! Those nice round numbers feel so good to hit. 8 minutes improvement is huge. Perhaps I need 80s music.


Well done and it's wonderful that running is a gift that still gives a year later!!

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