W4R2 - Bloody Nora :O

After my lovely run on Tuesday, I thought I'd change my route by going the other way around and chopping through on a different road. Bad move! Run 1 was a slight downward slope (easy peasy). The last 2 minutes of run 2 was the north face of the bloody Eiger* I staggered through it and got to the end. Run 3 and 4 were also uphill although not as steep. I didn't really get my breath back after the mountain climb**

The last run was so slow I was actually overtaken by someone WALKING!! I didn't quite make the 5 minute walk at the end as there was a bus stop with a seat, so stopped for a couple of minutes to get some puff back. I did walk another 10 minutes before getting home. I really don't do hills - never again doing that route!

* possible slight exaggeration

** and this one too :)


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8 Replies

  • Oh dear. These things happen. We often get our planning wrong and things don't turn out for the best. Oh well, it's done now

    You could save hill runs until after Graduation. They are good for the body but not the mind. They can sap your enthusiasm so it won't hurt to save them for later

    When you do run hills post Graduation you will find that it is often better to walk on steep sections. No point running them if you can walk them faster and save some puff. You'll find if you start racing that that is what happens.

    Week 4 nearly done. You're doing really well. Keep going nice and slowly, easy does it. Have fun!

  • Hills.. I laugh in the face of hills.... NOT... but.. you did it and you got there!

    All in the mind????? Whoever said that never did some of our runs. You are doing brilliantly!

    Onwards and upwards:)

  • Well done for persevering though. Hills are the worst at this point- avoid like the plague!

  • HILLS??? Good grief BB what were you thinking?!

    I can't even manage the smallest incline (which, by the way, feels like Kathmandu*) without scanning the area for one of those community defibrillators the council leave around for misguided runners.

    *No exaggeration.

  • Hills are the work of the devil because they spoil all your fun! I can't avoid having to get over railway lines whichever direction I take and though they aren't long they're jolly steep!

    But you did it! You can laugh in the face of hills now....assuming you have any puff left!

  • Ha ha, that made me giggle! I did the same thing just after I graduated, and one part that I hadn't even noticed was down hill in one direction was like a mountain in the other direction!

  • Oh Maggie - you do make me laugh :-) Marvellous write up!

    You're doing fabulous - just avoid dem hills and keep it nice and steady.


  • What a funny post - made me smile! I sympathise with your mountain - I too have trouble with hills, well any upward incline!! Unfortunately flat routes are hard to find. Well done and keep going you are doing brilliantly,

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