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A bad one, then a good one

Boxing Day, run 2 of week 2, was pretty horrible - I was in the wrong frame of mind, and really felt like giving up by the second interval. Thinking about comments from others on here (encouraging ones I mean!) did help me to keep going, but I really didn't want to bother with the effort.

But today's run 3 was very different. I even started the runs before Laura said 'go' and extended some of them for a few seconds longer. The last one was downhill, which helped, so I decided to keep going a little bit longer (as I'm aware that next week is a big jump up). I managed a whole extra minute, ie 2 1/2 minutes total, so next week's 3 minutes is no longer scary and impossible-sounding.

After the cooldown, I still had another 5 minutes to get back home, including up a fairly steep hill - and I dared myself to run up most of it. And it was even a reasonable jog, instead of the slower-than-walking that I have been doing.

So I'm feeling quite pleased with myself, even though I didn't go through the puddle today - I turned round and came back the same way instead of the circular route.

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Superb, Green, Absolutely Superb!!!! This blog should be required reading for everyone that has there first rough run!!! Sometimes, we just have to get through a run and then not look back at it!! Rough runs happen!!!!

Welcome to W3!!!!!! Just remember, this is just another week. One more step to running 30 minutes. One more step that you are ready to take!!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Cheers! Thanks for all the exclamation marks too - they will definitely make me go faster!

This blogging is interesting - somehow it feels rather self-indulgent, and yet at the same time, I know that reading others' blogs has really helped me, so I shall keep doing it. Knowing that one person went out to run in the rain (and enjoyed it) partly because they'd read my blog about it, is really rather lovely!

And I really don't want to leave only part of a blog - I want it to get to that green badge stage, hopefully sometime in February, all being well.

I've noticed another change since I started this - I no longer feel put-down and uselessly non-sporty when I see 'real' fast runners out in my village. Instead, I'm thinking, maybe I'll be able to look (a bit) like that in a few months. What a change.


Welcome to week 3!!!! :-) this blogging thing is a pretty cool gig! No matter where you are at in the program or whatever you're going through, you will find someone facing the same challenges and celebrations. We all have bad runs, for me almost every single run until I graduated was a bad run. :-( now, I have good runs and bad, they have turned the tables though, and the good out-weigh the bad. Keep blogging and looking forward to your next run report! :-) Gayle


Really well done and keep going, you will graduate in no time, Ed x


Keep it up! If you ever have a bad run again just remember the feeling of that really good run!! The main thing is to enjoy yourself and be positive :-)


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