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Running semi-naked 8-o


No, not like that! DD2 had cooking at school today, so was sorting out tea tonight when I got in from work (lasagne, YUM!) - and as I was about to raid the kitchen for a bag of crisps, I suddenly realised that I had time to go for a run. So I abandoned the idea of snacks, and headed out. :)

Week 5, run 2 (for a change!), nice walk to start off, good first run - and I managed to keep going to the end of it, even though it was up the very slight incline which has defeated me in the past. Then, just as I started walking, my phone died.

I was tempted for a moment to give up and go home, then thought that no, I could easily do the rest of this. The walk had started almost back by the end of my road, so I knew where five minutes would get me, and as I know I have 30 breaths per minute running, I could keep count of eight minutes for the second run, too!

So I did. And added an extra count of 30 breaths on the end, just to make sure I hadn't inadvertently cut it short. So 8+9 mins running, or thereabouts.

Tonight, I feel good. And I still haven't had that bag of crisps.

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Oh well done It's great to run


Go you! My phone died on me the other day, so I know how frustrating that is. I'm nowhere near to knowing how many breaths I take in a minute so I had to keep time on my - non digital - watch.

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Oh yes, I forgot to say my watch died 10 days ago and I haven't got a new battery for it yet - otherwise I'd have gone for that method! :D


Great commitment in the face of adversity! Well done. x

Well done I'd probably cry without my music and knowing how far I had gone etc

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I have a bit of a tendency to be too interested in how far I've gone, how this run ranks compared to the previous 200 etc, so decided it was good for me to not have that information, and to just run. I've not generally enjoyed running without music in the past, and have found it really difficult, but somehow tonight it worked. Maybe because it was 'only' 8 minutes (only, hah!), whereas the last time I tried was probably after the first time I graduated, several years ago now. Setting off for 30 mins of silence was hard! If I ever manage to graduate again I should try doing part of the run with music, then finishing off without...


Well done. I am impressed that you found a way to continue without your phone and did not give up.

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