W4R2 Something changed today

I had an epiphany this morning, enough to actually post on here rather than just read for amazing inspiration (read Old Possum's journey yesterday - very inspired y that!)

Expected a really bad run because I didn't sleep well, but got off to a good start. I've been thinking lately as I run that I'm not really running. It says on the podcast and on the forum to take it really slow, so I properly do, because I doubt I would last 5 minutes otherwise! But as I'm pootling along I do think "surely I walk faster than this?" but then I must be working harder than a walk, because I can walk for hours, but I can only jog for minutes - and it hurts! So, I thought that when I get near the end and Laura tells me I have a minute left, I'll try and speed up.

So I did, and felt a bit awkward because at that minute I came upon a guy walking his dog and would have to pass him, but he politely stood to one side and as I past him I tripped spectacularly! But kept going :/ and busted some great big strides - proper running!! Like when I was a kid! And fast (for me, especially compared to my pitiful jogging). AND I carried on a bit longer after she said stop, as it felt so good, and carried on out of the woods and to the bin. So then I'm walking home, grinning all over my face thinking, maybe I can become a runner, and as I do I pass a weird sign on the road with a number on, and a website address, and when I get home and just try the website address its the local running club! I'm not really a spiritual person, but today I'll take it as a sign :) So, when I make it to graduation, I'm going to join that club!


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  • Fab post - very well done! it surely a sign of lots more great running to come :-)

  • Good for you.....its good to have a goal.

  • Thank you, I'm a workaholic teacher, and terrified I'll give up after the Summer holidays so clinging to a goal!

  • I work in education too and have exactly the same fear. We shall have to encourage each other, bettybelle! You are further down the line than me, but fortunately my term doesn't start till nearly October so I am hoping I will be into good habits and goals by then.... I have also learned that I actually work better afterwards if I take a break and exercise, but it is so hard to do if you have piles of things to get through, I know.

  • Definitely! I'm sure I'll cope with work better if I keep running as I've loads more energy, but not sure how I'll continue to get up early and do it, but I'm determined I will (at the moment!)

  • I'm in HE, and I don't teach all day every day, but I have other roles too which can be time-consuming, and I usually feel as though I have far too many balls in the air. Until July I was in a role in which I would suddenly get extra work at short notice, but I've managed to swap that for something that will be busy, but where I should be more in control. In term time, I am planning on probably running on Wednesdays on my way home ( only ever get admin meetings on Wed afternoon, no students), and Fridays first thing when I work from home if I can, then will try to do Sunday to stop me working all weekend - a big fault!! Monday and Tuesday currently look to be my main teaching days, but it varies each week. I think the best thing is to try to run on days you think you are most likely to commit to, and avoid the days where you know deep down that it won't happen.

  • Woo Hoo well done you!!

  • Fab post ๐Ÿ˜Š Very well done! Really brightened my morning ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Lovely post, well done you!

  • Love this post! Happy running karma!

  • Love this! Glad you felt good :-) Keep posting so that we know how you are getting on. Happy running :-)

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