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W4R2 - crash and burned


Hello - first time poster

Was supposed to do run 2 of week 4 on Friday night - I've done all my running at night so far - I find I can walk more in the evenings than I can in the mornings - plus it's dark so self-confidence/body-issue things are less of an issue.

Did run 1 on Wednesday and was pleased with it - I've got 5km route planned, and this was the first time starting on it rather than just jogging round the block - managed to do about 2.5km there and back which I was pretty happy with.

This morning though, I perhaps got too over confident - reached the turn-around point I reached on Wednesday with still 2.5 mins on the clock of the first 5m run - at which point i just stopped. The run back was terrible - stopped half-way through both the 3 and 5 min runs and didn't get back to my start position before the clock stopped.

Obviously I ran far too fast this morning (worked it out to be over 12kph) before I hit the buffers.. This has really knocked me back - especially when I'm looking at my calendar which has W5R3 a week today(!!) Not sure what the best way to keep pace is - certainly not along with the musak on the podcasts - any tips?

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Don't panic - you can get it right next time! I don't know what other people do, but personally I don't think about the distance I cover, just about running/walking for as long as Laura tells me to. You can save 5k as a target when you've done the 30 minutes. As you say, you must have been going too fast tonight, so just go as slowly as you can next time to start with - you can always speed up towards the end if you're feeling good by then. I'd say just relax and follow the instructions and you'll be fine. Good luck!

Don't lose confidence. I don't take any notice of how far I've gone, only that I slowly get through each run, maybe slow down to ensure you finish and like the other poster said when you complete the programme concentrate on improving your speed. Good luck 😊

Wemb in reply to Couch-potato

Yeah, I should clarify - I wasn't trying to beat my previous distance - I only measured the distance afterwards - Thinking about having another crack at this tonight - see how it goes. Thanks for the encouragement folks.

Any tips on how to keep an even pace would be grateful - this is the aspect I think I'm nervous about more than any other of cranking it up toward to 20min mark.

Jell6Graduate in reply to Wemb

No don't do it again tonight. The rest time is very necessary. Just start the next one slower and you will be fine..🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Well done, but please stick to the plan, as you don't seem very clear about how to advance your running.

The guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Apart from the misleading title of the programme, neither 5k nor any other distance, is mentioned in the instructions for the plan. It is duration based. Just jog at an easy conversational pace, where you can complete full sentences without gasping, for the length of time required by each workout. Exceeding the plan may work for some, but if you are new to running then just stick to the programme or the Injury Couch can so easily become your new home and all that enthusiasm is for nought.

Take care.

Wemb in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks, again, I'll clarify - I'm only caring about the distance I ran as a guide to the pace I'm running. Not trying to exceed the plan, and am definitely not expecting to run a 5k at w9 either - I'm aware it's better name should be c230mins :-)


I have started wk8 and have only just recorded my distance on the last 2 runs. I am just enjoying the fact I can run for the times on the program, slowly building stamina. The process is unbelievable. You will soon forget any body issues, just take it slow and be proud you are doing this.

As you are used to running in the evenings it could be a very simple thing that you didn't have enough fuel to keep you going. I am far from an expert but my hubby was a personal trainer and he tells me that once you get to the point that you are running more distance you need to eat appropriately to cover the run. You will find running before breakfast more difficult than the evening as later on in the day you have eaten enough to give you enough energy to run. Does that make sense? Anyway sounds like you are doing very well to get this far, well done! Have a rest day and go for it again.

Hi everyone - I thought I'd post an update. I did run again that evening - and I know it's a cardinal sin, but didn't feel even remotely tired or like I'd completed a run that day - and the 18 hour gap apparently was enough - this time, I didn't rush and got through run 2 fine I'm only W5 now - and have just completed (at a second attempt) run 2 - that was really a struggle, and I feel like I need to do that a couple more times before the 20 min continuous run 3... I was going to have a got at the run 3 tonight - but it's turned wet and horrible - so I'll see what it's like tomorrow morning.. Fingers crossed

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