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Post graduation blues :o(

Went for my run on Saturday morning and was really looking forward to it as my previous 2 runs had felt really good but it was awful. I set off and felt pretty good but then my legs turned to lead and i ended up walking after 15 minutes. I picked up and ran another 2/3 minutes but i just couldn't get going. I know there are a few reasons that could have contributed to me not making the full 30 minutes but it's so demoralising. I didn't have any faliures while i was doing C25K and now i've had 2. I'm really worried that i'm going to end up losing all my progress.

I'd like to go out today and give it another go but my stomachs been playing up since saturday night and im worried if i fail again it'll make me feel even worse, but at the same time it feels like i'm making excuses!

Sorry for ranting just needed to get it off my chest i guess


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I think quite a few of us have had a few blips since graduating. Mostly down to motivation I think and 'what to do next? I think we miss the structure of the C25K programme. But just tough it out and you'll get back in the groove I'm sure. Remember even just getting passed the front door is an achievement, just as it was on W1R1.


All I can say is chill, you have worked through a long program, a few days off will not knock you back.

If you want some motivation take a look at C25K+ on the NHS site. Even in these post graduate sessions Laura tells you that even a poor run is better than no run.

Good luck and keep it up.


Since graduating I have had a spate of good runs and then some days even 5 minutes of running have felt like torture. The thing to always tell yourself is that you have tried and some days it is easier to try harder. Trying the new podcasts is a good idea - you've got the structure of Laura telling you what to do with the freedom of being a graduate. The new podcasts are quite a challenge too. Don't give up and let us know how you get on :D


I had a very similar experience to your run recently too. I'm only at week 7 but all my runs up til now have been do-able so I was a bit gutted when my body refused to cooperate.

It did put me on a bit of a downer, worrying if I'd reached the limit of what I'm capable of.

However it was just simply a bum run. My body was tired, I was getting over a cold, been a bit chesty, feeling dehydrated, long day at work etc...

Various factors all contributing to a run I wasn't up to.

Chalk it up to experience and move on. You will do it I promise! :)


I've had runs like this since graduating, the thing I find that really helps is if I'm feeling demotivated or heavy etc I do the week 9 podcasts with Laura, that extra bit of encouragement from her seems to get me back in the swing of things and you feel like you get your mojo back abit :)


Thankyou, i needed that. I decided to give it a miss today as my stomach really isnt right and all being well i'll be back out in the next few days. Thankyou again for the great advice i don't know what i'd do without you lot (o:


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