Graduation run done :)

Graduation run done :)

So this morning whilst the rest of the village were all still tucked up in bed, I graduated :)

As some of you will know from my previous post, this was a very bittersweet run and my heart felt so heavy when I left the house. The run itself was physically fine, mentally a bit tougher - a few tears, much sweary stuff (from someone who doesn't normally swear!) and some smiles as I thought about the happier times my little monkey had.

I really want to thank everyone for their support both from the start of the programme but particularly the last couple of days - it really meant a lot to me. As Sarah-A put it, I ran with Ernest in my heart.

On a much more positive note, I honestly cannot believe I can now run for 30 mins without feeling like I'm going to collapse into a messy, beetroot faced heap! (OK, the beetroot part is still there but that's fine). My next step is to get to 5k without stopping - at the moment I'm getting around 3.7k so I think it's a good goal to aim for.

To anyone reading who's just starting this programme, have faith in it, it really does work!

For now I'm off to raise a cup of tea to my little one...oh and to get my badge :) x


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27 Replies

  • Well done and many congratulations!🐱🏆👏 Beautiful photo of Ernest❤️😢

  • Oh, and my graduation run 20 days ago was also 3.7 km and my next goal is also 5 comfortable km. I've reached 4.2 km. Keep posting!

  • 3.7 seems to be the magic number as others have said they're on similar. Well done for getting to 4.2, keep up the great work :)

  • Congratulations and well done.👏👏 Am sure you'll reach your goal of getting to 5k when you think how far you've already come.

    Sorry to read about your loss, l lost my rescue cat a few years ago, it's heart breaking.

  • Congratulations!

  • Well done and congratulations, I hope to get there too....... With my beetroot face 😁😊

  • Beetroot's the way forward I've heard :)

  • Well done, graduate :) Nice to have good news after bad.

  • Congratulations 🎉 Just raised my espresso to you and memory of your beautiful Ernest. I am hoping to graduate today and will probably do so with a beetroot face as well.

  • Good luck with your graduation run today Bundoodle.

  • Congratulations on graduating and sorry for your loss.


  • Congratulations Louisella! Get that badge - you've earned it :)

    I love the picture of Ernest - he looks such a personality.

  • Beautiful picture. Well done on your success 🍾

  • Massive Congratulations to you Louisella, be very proud of what you have achieved .

    Heres wishing you many happy running adventures .....

    What a handsome boy :-)

    I too shall raise a toast to you and Ernest, * clinks cup *

    Run Wild , Run Free, little one xxx

  • Aw thank you Poppypug, that brought a tear to my eye but in a nice way :) xxx

  • Moring fellow graduate. Well done Ernest would have been proud x

  • Well done and congratulations.

    I am guessing Ernest would have cared far more about breakfast than this running malarkey, though.

  • Congratulations! It feels great, doesn't it.

  • Many congratulations to you. It's a big achievement this running for 30 minutes, so you should feel very proud. I've clearly missed your previous post but it sounds as if you had bad news. Its so hard losing our pets. I still think of my two little monsters after 15 years but the memories are precious.

    Enjoy your tea and that epic feeling!

  • Aww, Ernest looks a real charmer. Am sure he is looking down on his human and purring with pride. Well done!

  • I read your last post and it was heartbreaking. I'm so glad you felt able to get out there for your graduation run - I would have been very emotional too.

    Huge congratulations!! Enjoy your shiny graduate badge ☺

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments, this forum is so very lovely in lots of different ways :). And I'm very much enjoying my new shiny badge

  • Congratulations on your graduation! I'm sure Ernest was with you all the way. We have 2 rescue cats who look out for me coming back from my runs. Wear your badge with pride. 👟 x

  • Congratulations for graduating - especially under the circumstances. Ernest was purring at you from cat heaven all the way. He looked very handsome and you gave him a good life. My sister had 3 cats once, but refuses to have cats again as it's so heartbreaking when they get hurt on the roads. Her 3 died of natural causes at a ripe old age having learnt about roads, but she finds it just too risky. Very sad.

  • Huge congratulations :)

  • Many congratulations on your achievement😊

  • Yeah well done louiselle - way to go!!!! So glad you got out there and did it for Ernest! I'm right behind you and just did my graduation run this evening so I'm floating on cloud 9 too :) xx

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