W9R3 Done!

W9R3 Done!

So it's taken more than 9 weeks but I did my final week 9 run at Parkrun yesterday morning and it felt great! It was my second Parkrun and I reduced my time by just over 1 minute to 33 mins 11 seconds, pretty amazing seeing as I haven't run for literally decades (I'm 61) and I have a tendency to start things but not finish them. In my last post I said I was happy to keep my runs to 5 klm's BUT .... there is a Mother's Day Classic run in Brisbane on 10/5/15 and the two runs are for 4.5 or 8 klm. I can't see any point in reducing my run distance to 4.5 ( why would they have a run shorter than 5 klm?) so it looks like I have plenty of time to slowly increase the distance so I can do the 8 klm. Feeling fantastic πŸ˜ƒ Love this forum as I am so motivated by all the great comments.

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  • Hooray! Well done you!

  • Wow, well done you. Amazing. Get ready for your graduate badge!

  • Way to go ! You can do the 8k.

  • Wow, congratulations!!

  • That is one heck of a time! Well done you.

  • super well done :D

  • Well done, brilliant time! Much faster then me.. good luck with your 8K run, there should be plenty of time to get your distance up xx

  • Wow, thankyou for all your great comments. Feeling loved xx

  • Many Congratulations to you ! Brilliant achievement xxx

  • Thankyou Poppypug!

  • Whoop whoop!!! Well done :-)

  • Thankyou AndyD, I got my graduate badge now!

  • Well done - and definitely go for the 8k - it's one of my favorite length runs.

  • Thankyou agednailspace, I'll try my best!

  • Well done U! Go for it. I've just run 28min and am doing 5k run on Sat. Hoping to run it without stopping Fingers x

  • Thankyou Darragh, best of luck with your run, it's a great feeling to run 5k non-stop!

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