W9R3 Done!!

W9R3 Done!!

Did W9R3 at 6:00 am this morning before work. There was only one other person on the trail at that hour. He was out of sight by the time I finished my run but I bet he heard me yell! I did a little over 2 miles in close to 37 minutes. Thanks to everyone here for their positive words and cheering me on these past few weeks! I will continue to try to get my speed up. Here is sweaty pic of the end of my run. You can see the trail over my shoulder. The shirt says Tennessee but I promise I am in Ohio :)


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  • Oooo I've been to Ohio for work (I'm uk based) and then passed through 3 states to get to St.Louis (same work trip) I'd love to visit the states again, I loved every minute :) congratulations on graduating!

  • Thanks!

  • Congratulation on completing w9r3 and graduating ;) Fantastic achievement and a great pic :) You look quite relaxed to me ;)

  • Thanks! More shock of thinking I did it :)

  • Congratulations Burgdude, that's a great achievement. Don't forget to claim your shiny graduate badge :)

  • I won't forget Ancientmum. Thanks!

  • Congratulations - can see the exhausted amazed joy and deep satisfaction on your face - completing C25K is something that never gets taken away from you.

  • Wonderful news!!! I'm so thrilled for you, it's onwards and upwards from here on. You look so happy and I don't blame you one little bit :D

  • Thanks Tea!

  • Congratulations on finishing wk9r3 and graduating! Nice picture. Happy running :) I have 2 runs left to do and will hopefully soon join you as another North American to graduate.

  • Well Done that man, isnt it an amazing feeling ( We lived in Lancaster Pa for 13 years up to 3 years ago )

  • Thanks again for your encouragement grannyjudes!

  • Hey, Burgdude, you are a graduate!!! I remember reading your first post and thinking "Now there is a man who is going to succeed." You have all the motivation you need, but I bet you wish that you had discovered this years ago.

    Many congratulations, fellow runner, welcome to the graduate club. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks lannodaTruffe! You are right; I do wish I would have started this years ago. it is such a good feeling. Thanks again!

  • Wow, well done ! I remember your first post too, haven't you come a long way...? Next target ? Have a great weekend and many congratulations.

  • Thank you henpen90. Next target is a 5k in September!

  • Yep me too. I remember that post. The worrying thing is it doesn't seem that long ago. Congratulations! It's amazing isn't it? So it was you I heard shouting then?

  • Excellent ! Many, many Congratulations to you ! All the very best to you on your future running adventures :-) xxx

  • Congratulations Burgdude! That nine weeks seems to have gone by in a flash! Looking good - I hope you feel amazing.

  • Thanks Ullyrunner! It did go by like a flash

  • Great Burgdude I also remember your first post . The day I graduated I was so excited I walked back to the wrong car park Pat :-)

  • I remember when you first posted here and look at you now! Fantastic effort, congratulations and there's clearly no stopping you now! The photo shows just how proud you are and you darn well should be! :) Happy running Burgdude!

  • Thanks aussiegtc!

  • Congratulations - you look very relaxed and happy! This is only the beginning of your running adventures - happy running.

  • Brilliant congratulations on your graduation. Epic run and great effort

  • Hey!! You did it!! Congratulations and this the start of a beautiful journey and a new you!! Looking great and and happy and rightly so! Good luck!

  • Thank you Carole01!

  • Congratulations on your graduation, well done. Enjoy your running and keep posting :)

  • Very well done indeed x

  • Well done dude! Great stuff! You must be mightily pleased and relieved.

    So, what's next?

  • Congratulations Burgdude; so good to see 'graduate' after your name! Three more weeks before hopefully I can put it after my name too! Happ running x

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