First post-grad run postponed - uh oh, dodgy hip :(

Uh oh, not sure the graduation sprint finish was such a bright idea... Since Sunday night have been suffering with a touch of niggly hip and upper thigh/groin pain, especially when climbing stairs or after sitting at my desk for long periods.

Was due to run today, and I really, really want to, but I'm not going to risk aggravating this further as feels more dodgy than your average ache. Deep heat, ibuprofen, hot baths and rest - have been sensible, want to be back to normal quick! Working away Tues/Weds, so if the hip thing is gone my next run will be Friday. Hope my legs will remember what they need to do :) Was determined to do the 5k this week as well, but plenty of time and would rather stay injury free.

Seems a funny area to try and stretch and strengthen - any ideas?

Happy running everyone, it's great to see lots and lots of progress from newbies, middleys and grads posting on the forum, well done all! Hope those lurgy ridden troops are feeling better too.

Nat x


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18 Replies

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  • After graduating from C25K I thought I could do anything but soon realised at 52 that the programme itself had taken it out of me! I just settled with 3 X 30 minutes a week to start and one day just felt great and kept going to 5k in 43 minutes. I graduated around 28 weeks ago now and have had some niggles along the way. I tried a 10k programme which suggested tempo runs (at a speed more than I usually do) and that harmed my legs.

    Looking after ourselves is difficult because we just want to do more than we should. I do recommend stretch and flex exercises to prevent problems and also running at a comfortable speed (allowing you to increase speed without even noticing as your fitness improves)! Also running on soft ground, it is harder on the muscles in a way but easier on the joints. Hope you get back on it. Maybe try a non impact aerobic exercise to keep your fitness levels up while you rest? Cycling, swimming maybe? Julie

  • Thanks Julie. I try to walk on the treadmill on non run days and was doing strength and flex podcasts but admit to slacking off those lately. :( Do think you're right and I should try to build fitness and muscles through something else as well as running, between work and kids it's hard, but important :)

    You've done fab since graduation, I long to do 5k, then 10k, but guess you gave to be patient and progress gradually.

    Thanks for your help with this :)

  • Just trust yourself! If you recover from the aches and pains, it all depends on how u are feeling. If I was sticking at 30 minute runs X 3 and it was pretty ok, I would introduce other exercise on non run days. As I have been increasing my distance, my legs have needed to rest and so I haven't done any cycling, just because I didn't feel up to it. Stretch exercises only take a few minutes on run rest days. All depends on what you like to do, how much time and energy u may have!

  • Poor youx

    Sounds distinctly unpleasant... how sensible not to push your luck and run too :)

    Maybe the kind of gentle exercise where you lie on your back , knees pulled up, hold gently and then the side to floor roll? Just gently.. it probably has a name but I call it knee rolls.. see how it feels? There may be stuff on the Health Unlocked site to exercises that could be helpful?

    Am still crocked... grrr... But, at Lady Margaret's Park in Chirk in the tin tent...hoping to run tomorrow morning... but cycling today... what is they say, What does not kill us makes us stronger?

    You take care Nat...please keep me posted!


  • Ah, sorry you're still crocked Floss, very bad luck. Hope you're taking it a bit easy. Will try the knee roly-polls tomorrow in my hotel room, thank you :) It's not so bad tonight, I don't think... Maybe in denial though as I WANT TO RUN! ;) Have fun in Chirk x

  • Sorry to read this Nat

    Let me know if you have any success with a certain stretch or technique as I seem to be developing a similar pain in my groin too.


  • Deep heat and sleeping with a pillow between legs seems to help! Daren't stretch yet, but if I give them a go and it works, I'll most certainly share back. Hope yours doesn't develop into anything, take it easy :)

  • Sorry to hear that Nat. Hope you get better soon. Very sensible not to run, you don't want to do any more damage.

    My lurgy continues and is now a full blown cough. May throw me off course for longer than a week as these things tend to stick around with me. But if that's the way it is I'll take the rest days and come back even stronger. πŸ‹ Not much I can do except look after myself anyway.

    I look forward to your next run, if I'm still off then my spirit will be running with you!😎

  • Oh no, cough does not sound at all good. :( It's so frustrating isn't it, we graduate then are grounded. Hope you get better soon. Hip/groin thing better tonight than last night - had an interesting nights sleep straddling a pillow abd stinking of deep heat!

  • From your description, it seems a muscular injury. If that's the case, a moderate activity such walking will actually speed-up the recovery. ;)

    I'd try to replace the runs with some walks for a few days but I'd avoid complete inactivity.

  • Think you're right there, been trying to keep moving else it feels worse. Finding it a little tricky though as I have to park on my bottom for hours working :( It's eased up a fair bit tonight though, am hoping I can run on Friday :)

  • Are you running on a ring circuit?

    I've had a similar problem a few weeks ago; it lasted for a long time, until I realised my running path only contained right turns and the pedestrian way is higher on the inside. That was unevenly stressing my hips.

    I tried to run the same path in the opposite direction (therefore turning left and stressing the other hip) and the pain went away in a few days.

    Now I alternate the directions every few runs.

  • Oh no. Hope it gets better quickly. Sending healing vibes x

  • Oh no! You take care. I hope if sorts itself out real quick 🌈

  • I am having the same problem with my left hip. It is worse if I have sat at my desk or driven for a period of time. Missed out on the run this morning, I thought it might aggravate it but will try again on Friday. So frustrating...

  • Hi Red cat, how did you get on with your run? Interested to hear if your hip pain returned or if you're better now... Hoping it's the latter :)

  • Hi. Didn't run on Friday as my hip was hurting. Apparently my pelvis is misaligned, according to the specialist I went to. She has done some manipulation and it feels lots better but I will leave it another week before running again. Thank you.

  • Ooh, that sounds painful. Hope you feel better soon x

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