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First post grad run disappointing.

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So disappointed with myself. Graduated on Wednesday and haven't run since - hip pain and back ache and generally feeling unmotivated. Gave it a go tonight and only managed 21 mins and 5 of those were walking! I think I was still tired and achey from pushing myself on Week 9 and also I tried to increase my speed (only from 7.7 to 7.8). Obviously I need to use the Stepping Stones podcasts for structure - thought I could do it alone! All in all feeling flat after the high of graduation.

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Lots of people struggle after graduating from the programme. Try to plan your runs into your schedule, and yes - do try Stepping Stones. I did W9 for about 2 or 3 more weeks after I finished W9 officially, just so I had Laura encouraging me and telling me how much longer I had. The C25K+ podcasts can do that instead when you're ready. Don't feel that you HAVE to push yourself every time. If you look at training programmes for longer distances, you'll see they have runs of different intensities during each week, including an "easy" run. So don't beat yourself up over one not-so-good run.

Also, why not have a go outside? Some people say it's harder so you could go back to week 5 and after you've done that you could do one run of each week if you're feeling confident.

Targets and trying to improve are good, but the most important thing is to enjoy your running. Hope you have a better run next time :)

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Hi Tintin501.... Huge congratulations on graduating! I'm sure that your disappointment will be very short lived and, as you say, the stepping stones podcasts will help. Be kind to yourself.....

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It's a funny old time but don't feel bad... A run is a run and yes stepping stones is well worth a bash... Keep enjoying it...

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I had exactly the same problem after graduation. I felt completely lost as I didn't have a plan. I did Stepping Stone a few times until I was used to it. I haven't tried the other 5k+ podcasts. I am just experimenting with my own music playlists and different routes and looking up tips on technique. I have downloaded a Bridge to 10k programme. I enjoyed doing the first week of it as it gave me something to aim for but I have lost enthusiasm again so I am not sure if it is right for me at the moment. So I am just trying to make sure I do 3 runs a week with no pressure on targets.

Just enjoy running for a while. You have achieved a great deal in a short space of time. To be running for 30 ish minutes is a fantastic achievement, and if you are feeling achey take it easy for a while. You deserve it after all the work you've done to graduate! Then think about your next goal.

Happy running!

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I graduated a year ago and still alternate the three C25K+ podcasts as I don't want to increase my distance at my age. The way I look at it is that everyone else I see on a run is either walking or driving in their cars - so go us!

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Well done on graduating. I did too a week ago yesterday and didn't do any formal exercise for 5 days after, although I was doing a physical job for 3 days.

Went to aquafit & jog Scotland on Friday and now feel up to planning runs & gym for this week. Let your body recover but do keep going. Good luck.

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Hi, I still listen to week 9 for the first half hour of my runs then switch to a playlist of my own. I run about 11.5 k (not quite made the 12 yet) But couldn't do it without my routine and Laura - I even put her on on my parkruns!! Don't feel down you still did it maybe you not ready to give up on laura too yet! Happy Happy running :)

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You completed C25k, so many congratulations. Just put it in perspective and realise that you are just at the start of your running career. You haven't crossed some magic threshold that turns you into an Olympic standard runner overnight, but remind yourself where you were before you started the training plan and feel proud of your achievement. Find some new short and longer term targets to keep you running and achieving the buzz that C25k provides, but as others say, just go out and run for the sheer enjoyment of the fact that you can do it. Find some new places to run and enjoy the big outdoors. The world is your running track.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Thanks all - have so far only run at gym on treadmill so think I will go back on the programme to an earlier stage and move it outdoors. Feeling motivated!

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Congrats on graduating! I also went through a slump post graduation. I found the lack of structure really hard and I was bummed out that I was struggling match, let alone better, my graduate run time for 5k. I found the speed podcast really useful- it's quite short so easy to fit in but also really hard so it was good to be challenged again. Maybe try those? Either way don't let one downer of a run take away all you've accomplished. Best of luck! :)

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