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First Post Grad run :|

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Well today i did my first Post Grad run of 30 mins

Surprisingly it was harder than i was expecting but hey ho at least i finished it, Problem was again down to pace as i set off too fast for my own good.... doh! but then went a lot slower so in the end only ran 3.85 km :(

I have got a fair few things on this week in the evenings so may only do 2 runs but as long as I am running  I will be happy.

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Brilliant..thirty mins...excellent☺

Distance will fluctuate..just enjoy😉

You ran for 30 minutes just for the fun of it, that's a great thing.  I'm sure distance will follow soon enough but enjoy your post-grad adventures!

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Well done Butch , yep I second Floss's post re distance . It's all about building up those runners legs to enable you to carry on further xxx

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Fabulous! 😀

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No worries - you'll soon settle into your ideal pace.

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It's a good feeling, isn't it? Just going out for a run for the fun of it! There's a lot to learn at the beginning!

It can take a while for the body to feel really comfortable running for 30 min. Mind you the first 5-10 min is always a bit if a grind for me. After that it is alright. The longer you run for that time, the better it will get.

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30 minutes running is infinitely better than 30 mins on the settee!! :)

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Well done!  These first few post grad runs are really consolidating what you've done.  You'll get used to pacing but slowing down at the beginning will definitely help you.  I struggled with that a lot and even now (15 months post grad) I have to make a conscious effort to start slower than I feel I want to a lot of the time. BUT it definitely makes a difference to the rest of the run and you may find it helps you to run a little bit further ;) 

Happy running :)

Don't feel bad about 3.85, butch, I've just done my first post grad and I managed an astonishing 3.75, but it's still 3.75 more than I could do in January.

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ButchdingleGraduate in reply to

ithinkican - That is very true and it can only get better

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Good run butch, takes a while to adjust to post grad running , enjoy it you will soon find a goodvrhythm and what works for you😊

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Great Butch. You got out there and did it!

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