First Post-Grad Run!

The last week has been awful in some respects - work-wise, not so much personal stuff - and in some ways that was enough to motivate me to go out for my normal Sunday Evening run. I don't want to break up with Laura yet, so on went the Week 9 Podcast again, but being curious about how far I'm actually running I decided to only start the tracker once the warm-up was finished.

So off I went, steadily enough, and then round the town, then I suppose a sort of rite of passage.... I decided to go up through the Town Centre to see the newly switched-on Christmas Lights, and outside one of the three open pubs were a few well-refreshed blokes.... as I jog past, already 15 minutes or more into the run, I just about hear over the music, "Run, fat boy, run!" It's a sign of my confidence at the moment though that I'm not upset by it - instead, bearing in mind they've gathered outside for a smoke, I feel a bit smug in the knowledge that it's unlikely they'd be in condition to do what I'm doing!

Maybe because I'd not done much else in terms of exercise yesterday, as I approached the end of the run I was still feeling good and decided to push on a bit longer - pulled the phone out, and kept going until 4.5km came up, in just on 33 minutes. Feeling rather pleased with myself - this is the furthest and longest I have ever run, and although I'm not going to push on too far for the rest of the week, it says that the Christmas Eve Parkrun should be well within my grasp!


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7 Replies

  • Well done AlbertRoss that is really very impressive. Take it slow and steady, please, and you'll be definitely on for Christmas Eve parkrun! Santa hats are obligatory ;)

  • Well done! Running round town at night is weird int it as no-one but you is doing it cos they are all drinking or outside chugging ☺ Still, the sights and sounds make the run pass much quicker. I like to window shop 😊

    Resist the urge to sped up! Keep the pace way down low. That's an order!

  • Excellent. And well done for recognising that the pub puffers were just producing a knee jerk utterance and nothing personal. They'd probably have shouted it at Mo Farah.

  • Well done on all counts! You'll manage a parkrun just fine and great that you could mentally put the pub lot properly in their coughing on the couch place.

  • Well done and how great that you could rationalise others' comments as a feeble attempt to make themselves feel better about themselves and the fact they are drinking and smoking while you're outside running! It took me a while to think like that but it's so true.

    That 5k on Christmas Eve is well within your grasp.

  • Yeahhhhh well done, great result!

    Those guys - I'm thinking little green envy monster on their shoulder shouting at you!

  • Well done Albert, that's brilliant. You should be well chuffed. Looking forward to running with you in the park run on Christmas Eve, just remember that you need a Santa hat!! (if that's scary, it isn't obligatory!)

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