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How do you eat an elephant?

So, after all my smugness about the mighty strength and mobility of my knees yesterday, the damn things heard me and rewarded me with sore and swollen insertion points on both cruciate ligaments. Haha, pride goes before a painful hobble.

Usually on Saturdays I do a little training session with my elder son after Crossfit, but a series of disasters yesterday (clutch fell out of car, washing machine flooded kitchen etc) conspired against this happening, so We really needed to fit it in today.

So, to break it up into manageable portions we just ran for 500m, then did 20 burpees, ran 500m, did star jumps, etc. the same way as the standard 10k with exercises every km, nut with shorter intervals, and As today is really rest day we only did 3.5k, and it was really quite good fun. No pressure, no great distance or over exertion. I wore knee sleeves to keep my joints warm and felt much more mobile after than before. A common sense approach to recovery days is obviously something to be applied sparingly - I would hate to be one of those people who indiscriminately use moderation - but on this occasion it worked.

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Your recovery day sounds mores strenuous than my fast run day Rignold; I am in awe :-o


That sounds exhausting! Good work :)


Sounds like great fun, and wonderful to train with your boy, that's the best :)


Sounds great. I've done a few more of those cross training runs myself and I'm really enjoying them. I've even stopped hurting afterwards!

Take care of those knees


"Indiscriminate use of moderation". I love that. It will henceforth be my mantra for when I'm feeling a slack day coming on!


You're a gluton for punishment my friend. Hope the car and washing machine are ok :)


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