Fox, deer, rabbits, swans, ducks and of course flies. Lots and lots of flies

After the graduation high and second post grad run blues (stop it - any run is better than the couch!!!) I set out this morning more in hope than expectation.

Decided to leave the dog at home as I was intending on a different route which involved some country road running. Decided I needed week 9 Laura to help me today after Thursdays run.

A fantastic morning ensued. 4:30 alarm and off out. A hazy morning but not too warm. Not keeping an eye out for the dog allowed me to look around more and without his chasing puppy antics, the wildlife seemed a bit bolder. Two swans and their 4 fluffy signets were catching some early morning sun at the lochside, rabbits scattered from my path, a couple of scrawny looking foxes stared at my lumbering presence and a deer crossed the footpath some 50 metres in front of me before bounding of into the woods. I was really enjoying this.

Came out of the footpath onto a country road which was fairly level for about 500m before starting its rise (runtracker says about 30m over another 500m ) to a farm entrance. Runtracker chirped in at this point to tell me I had run for 20 minutes so I decided to turn for home.

Not so much wildlife on the route back unless you count the mobile protein swarms I ran into. A few cyclists and runners out and about and we saluted with a nod and smile as our paths crossed.

Although the early morning animals had disappeared to get on with their day, the run back was just as enjoyable. I ran through Lauras warm down and finished with a lift in pace for the last 300m or so.

39 minutes ran and 7.3km covered and I can honestly say I enjoyed every single step. :D

The moral of the story? Dont be disheartened by a bad day or what you might consider a poor run. All runs are good and are important parts of training and provide you with lessons. Happy weekend whether running or resting :-)

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  • That sounds lovely R56. (I dream of enjoying every single step... and that sort of distance)

    So glad your blue mood was only temporary. Cheers :) :)

  • Maybe enjoy every step is too strong jaqs :-) The scenery and wildlife helped me through. Certainly enjoyed it afterward :D

  • It was fun kittykat. The dog must scare most of the wildlife away. There is certainly no chance that I would catch any of them :-)

  • Sounds like an excellent run! It's great that you have rediscovered your enjoyment.

  • Thanks Ully. Long may it continue

  • I love the freedom of the open trails and run them regularly. I saw a huge flippin grass snake the other day. Wowsers. I regularly see a couple of geese with their brood of 8 ducklings and I keep doing a head count and thankfully they are all still accounted for. Phew

    Happy running. Good int it!!!

  • Wow!!! Have never seen a snake in the UK in the wild!!! That would certainky have had me upping the pace

  • That sounds like a truly perfect run -wildlife, scenery, good temperature and a cracking good time. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Your very welcome and thanks for reading :-)

  • Well done, Runner. Not only on what sounds like a truly wonderful run, but on making me wanting to throw on my running gear and get right out there! I say 'well done' on that; it's very naughty of you actually as I'm resting, and must not run anywhere :-P but descriptions of runs like that always make me want to get out the door!

    You're not far off 10K yourself, with distances like that! So glad to hear you enjoyed it; sounds similar to my run yesterday and on Wednesday. Minus the wildlife. Nothing interesting happened but it was hugely enjoyable, very much like your run and really, runs like that make it all worthwhile, don't they? The wheezing, the niggles, the panting and the rest of it throughout C25K - you get a fantastic run and it's all worth it. Well, it is anyway, but you know what I mean!

    Enjoy your well-earned rest! :-)

  • Thanks Miles. I know exactly what you mean. Not quite in the 'zone' but I think I was quite close to it :-) . Ironically, taking in a hill added quite a bit to the enjoyment. Nothing quite beats that running feeling when you get to the top does it? One down side is a little slight niggle in my calf but hopeful a couple of days rest will sort that. Have a good weekend!!

  • That sounds like a lovely run

  • Thoroughly enjoyable spoonie. Makes me want to do it again tomorrow but I shall resist (and anyway, that bottle of wine in the kitchen may have more of a say in matters than I will ;-) )

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