I did Week 5 Run 3 thanks to you all!!

I need to say this forum is brilliant. Yesterday I shared my concerns and thanks to the encouragement I felt I could do it. Then during the day I felt really tired (I usually run in the evenings as that's the only time I can), and I was about to not run. Then I remembered a few members yesterday writing "let us know how it went". I felt like, come on, I cannot not do it. What if someone asks me "how did it go?", what would I say?

Just so you know, no one around me knows I am doing this challenge. So really today I could have not run and no one around me would have been none the wiser.... But due to all the replies I received I felt I could NOT not do it!! Fabulous.

Ok so I did it and indeeeeeeed! It was NOT hard!! Not at all!! First of all physically: it was so easy to sustain. Unbelievable. The last time I ran for 20 minutes I was 17 I remember it like yesterday because I remember it took me so much effort. And today, even after the run, I did not feel anywhere near like how I felt after week 1 run 1, when I was soooo knackered! Unbelievable.

Mentally it was a slightly different issue. At the beginning, at 3 min mark I thought I would just stop and restart. Which was bizarre because it did'nt even feel that hard, but I was just finding the time going very slowly and thinking "I will never ever finish, this is taking way too long!". Then before I knew it it was ten minutes already which almost hit me as a surprise!! Then for the last 5 minutes I just felt I could have carried on , like one of you said to me yesterday.

It's amazing I just cannot believe I actually did it. I am so happy about this and I am so glad I posted here yesterday because without a doubt, I would not have run today without your outpouring support. Really it's amazing.

One last thing, what this challenge is doing to my mind is something I am also very surprised at too. It has given me so much confidence that I have re started swimming too, and this Thursday I went back on a bike!! After 21 years!!! I attended a free cycling training, and I went thinking I would make a fool of myself, but actually did so well the instructor took me out in the park and left the other two novices in the circuit area. It was such a great feeling!! I would never have even considered doing it if it weren't because of the confidence this programme has given me. FInally there is one thing in my life that I have always felt I could never do and that is learn how to drive. I have always said to myself I would never be able to do it and I am too afraid of cars. Today after my run I decided to book my theory test in a couple of months to push me to learn the rules, in the view of learning how to drive from January. I cannot believe what these last six weeks have brought to my life I really encourage people out there to start doing this challenge because the outcomes go far beyond the expectations. And the community here is lovely!!! Thank you so much!!!

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  • well done...lts amazing the high this challenge can give a person. having just completed the same run yesterday I now feel I can see the graduate badge getting ever so closer. I too echo your thoughts on this group everyone is so supportive and together we are doing this p.

  • We are aren't we? It feels great :)! Well done to you too!!

  • Nussaybah,

    Fantastic news. I am so pleased you kept at it and now you know you can! It is like being let in on a secret isn't it?

    The real reason you managed so well is that you have put the work in up until now, though. So you have yourself to Thank, and like you say that feeling spreads to other areas of your life. I hope when you do tell other people what you have been doing that they are as happy for you as the c2k'ers will be!

    The thing about thinking that you could just stop is weird, I get it too but now I ignore it. Do remember that if you do miss a run for some reason or you have to rest due to injury, you don't need to give the whole thing up you can just get back to into it. I got about two thirds of the way thru in May and then had to stop for a while, then lost the habit but got back into it when the kids went back to school and am hoping to graduate in a few weeks..fingers crossed!

    You were also right that people would be wondering how you did, I was thinking of you this afternoon and hoping we would hear from you!

    Have a great week, looking forward to hearing how you have done with your running and driving!


  • I like the concept of being let in on a secret, indeed it does feel like it!! Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

    Sorry to hear about your injury it's good you decided to go back and I am sure you can now finish too. If you have been this far you should be able to finish now!! Cannot wait to celebrate your graduation!!

  • Wow, well done.

    Like you I kept it quiet that I was doing c25k and trying to loose weight. When the weight started coming off friends asked what I was doing, when I told them it was a great feeling and they are all pleased,but it does put a bit of pressure on you when they keep asking how your doing . I've lost 2st and feel great.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you get to pass your driving test. You can do anything you want πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I can imagine the pressure you are describing, hence why I want to delay saying to anyone just yet. Especially as at the moment hubby and kids are abroad so when we meet again it will be "what?". LOL.

    Well done on your 2st loss wow I have only lost 10 pounds in those six weeks but it feels great too and I am now out of the Obese range which makes me even more ecstatic!!

    Hope you get closer to your goal every day, and thanks again!

  • Amazing! Well done, you are doing brilliantly and changing your life so much.

  • Thank you for your kind words, it's really appreciated!!

  • Fab stuff Nussay! You well and truly did it. Lovely post and it's great that running can bring so many other benefits too. Be aware of w6 r1 though as it can take a lot of people unawares. Remember, slowly, slowly does it. Many congratulations to you for getting this one done.

  • Thank you for your warning I'll make sure I am prepared now! And thanks for your congratulations I feel so much stronger mentally now!

  • What an inspiring post. Well done!

  • Thank you and well done to you too for graduating I hope I will too soon!

  • I have no doubt that you will :) Happy running :)

  • Well done on completing the run! That's brilliant. You are right, the benefits of this program go so far beyond running.

    You know now that if you set your mind to something and work at it in small bites, you can do anything!

  • Yes I am glad I learned that now it's such an amazing feeling!

  • Totally amazing run! Positive peer pressure sometimes gives us the push we need. I always thought, if I stop I will have to do this one again! No way that was going to happen 😎!! Have a good rest because week 6 is achievable but still challenging. If you can do week 5, you are totally able to do it and u r on the countdown to graduation πŸ˜‰!! Julie

  • Thank you so much for this post! Yes I will rest till Wednesday now. Peer pressure definitely works especially when one considers the good vibes coming from here! Fantastic. I hope I will graduate too when I am ready, for now I hope to achieve week 6 run 1 :) . Thank you so much for the encouragement

  • Well done , I'm delighted to hear you're being so positive (and good on you for sharing that too). Keep right on

  • Thank you for your support! Have a lovely day too!!

  • So happy for you! Just keep going with it allπŸ˜ƒ.

  • You are right, we were waiting to find out how you went. Well done. I knew you could do it. Just take it easy for the rest of the program, it somehow just flows along. Just enjoy the pleasure.

  • What an a amazing post! I'm so happy that this has given you the confidence to take on so many other challenges.

    It's strange that something as simple as a recorded voice in your ear telling you to keep going can have such a profound effect on people.

    I hated PE at school, if this was an option I think I would have found it really helpful.

    Good luck with everything, we graduate in four weeks!!

  • Indeed, the results are amazing. YEs I hope we will in four weeks!!

  • Fantastic Nussaybah ! I am SO pleased that this programme is encouraging you in so many ways !

    Isnt it amazing what a bit of self belief and confidence can do ? I think we are capable of so much more than what we give ourselves credit for .

    I am so happy for you and thanks for coming back and sharing, as your post will give inspiration and hope to others who are facing this and having the same thoughts as you had .

    Well done , keep going youre doing great !! :-) xxx

  • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, it is so nice to be part of this community!

  • Well done. I'm doing the run tomorrow. Today is my rest day

  • Haha you made it that's great!!!! I answered in your other post. Such a nice feeling :)

  • hahahahahaaha told you!!!! Great post,well done x

  • Thank you!!!

  • Told you!!!! Great post,well done x

  • That was such a lovely post, you can hear the joy in it!! If you want to carry on with the cycling have look at the goskyride website. It has lots of guided rides from a few miles up to several hours - all free. Actually, thinking about it, wouldn't it be great to have a running equivalent!! :-):-)

  • I will definitely have a look at the website. Tomorrow I have my next cycling session I have booked one each week for this month I cannot wait to go back it was truly liberating to just be in a park on a bike. Amazing.

    Don't the parkruns websites offer something similar in terms of ideas of where to run etc?

    I never knew about parkruns until I googled it after seeing it mentioned so mnay times in this forum lol. I am so happy to learn new tips every day here , wil defeinitely heck this site too!


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