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Week 6 Run 3

I'm doing alot better since starting the programme again in January. I have learnt to keep a slow and steady pace and as yet haven't had to repeat any of the runs! I am getting through each week and completing each run. The mind is certainly the biggest hindrance particularly as my route is all uphill for the last 10 minutes! You just have to keep going and gather as much determination as you can. I managed 5K in 40 minutes. Hopefully this puts me on track to graduate in 3 weeks time at a Parkrun.

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I did w6r3 today, too. Feels great, doesn't it? Couldn't do it uphill, though. I've just been running the flattest part of my route for the longer runs.

Well done, and good luck for week 7!!


Ignore the mind gremlins.. and remember, the programme is not about speed :)

Slow and Steady and you will be just fine :)

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You're doing very well! I used to do everything I could to minimise the hills especially at the end, so a pat on the back is well deserved for your grit and determination. That 5K will certainly see you graduate fine at Parkrun. Happy running :)


There's no avoiding hills where I live, so I have no choice. There's a canal nearby but I feel isolated running along it.


Important to feel safe on your route, especially with headphones on but a 10 min uphill finish. Not sure I would have managed that. You will have calves of steel before long though.


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