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Week 6 Run 3


Just completed week 6 run 3 and very pleased, managed to keep a good pace for the 25 minutes run and ran 5.03km. Trouble is after stopping I realised my right achilles was aching, it felt fine whilst running, I have iced it since being home, hopefully it just needs a little rest, maybe I won't run again till Thursday. Any exercises recommended for achilles pain?

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Wow that’s fast - well done!

VisiononGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay66UK, I used to be a reasonable runner 30 years ago... I am just trying to coax the old body back into action, trouble is I have chronic patella tendon pain that I just have to live with and now the achilles hurts :-(

f-stop in reply to Visionon

You don't give your age, but sub-30m for a 5K is good going at any age. I'd suggest that if you haven't run for a while (as you suggest), you've probably overworked the rear chain of muscles in your leg, which all connect to the ankle via the Achilles. Rest up - it'll heal (no pun intended!) in less than a week - and then pace yourself a little better on the next run. All muscles/joints need GENTLE (in your words...) 'coaxing back into action' after a lengthy lay-off from activity! The fact you've got tendon issues in the patella will cause you to alter your gait, so take the pace steadier than you remember you once were able to make!!! (Isn't age a wonderful thing? You still think like 30 years ago... but the body falls short!)

VisiononGraduate in reply to f-stop

Thanks f-stop, wise words, must admit its feeling a little better already, after a couple of icings. Glad to hear you say you think it will heal in less that a week. I am 48, I hate getting old, but there is only one alternative!

Google "eccentric heel drop" exercises. They have been mentioned on the sister forums. However if it becomes actual pain it would be good to seek proper advice (although I'm sure you're already on board with all that). Hope you get sorted soon.

VisiononGraduate in reply to AnnieW55

Thanks AnnieW55, I will check it out.

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