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Week 6 Run 3

First time blogging but have been following this community for a little while. About to embark on the final run of week 6 and so far have completed all the runs with a few extra bits of running at the end as well. Can't believe I've got this far, and I still approach each run not really sure that I'll complete it. Just got to keep going I suppose. Well done to everyone who has been moving through so successfully... Enjoy

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And I completed it :)


Well done you! I just did this tonight too ... although as a fat forty unfit person haven't done any 'extra bits' like you! :-)


Meant 40+ btw! ;-)


i am simply a fat 29 year old unfit person, but not for long!


Congrats to you both, we are all in the same boat so to speak. Week 7 here we come!

All the best



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