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Week 6 Run 3


Been on my hols this week so back to running today. Tried and failed to run in the Cyprus sunshine, managed 15 minutes!! Ha! So today I’ve completed Week 6 run 3 with two ‘tiny pauses’ (10 seconds each). Finding it quite tricky to get momentum because there’s a couple of hills where I live (can’t avoid them) and they massively wear me out! Any advice?

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Hills? I’m outta here!

People swear by "back-stitching” - you run up a bit, run back down about half way, run up some more, run back halfway that bit, etc until you reach the top?

Me, I just swear at hills.

Lmcqueen88Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Both interesting ideas!! I may try the back stitching!! It’s so off putting when you see a massive hill in front of you! 😆

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Lmcqueen88

Off putting like you couldn’t imagine 🤣

I swing my arms like mad on the hill I encounter on my run, not sure if it’s doing anything or a distraction until I reach the top! 😂 But it seems to work for me?!

Lmcqueen88Graduate in reply to DellyB

Ha ha! I’ll give that a go 😀


I find bouncing slightly from one foot to another (almost on the spot like a boxer but not quite) stops my knees hurting when going up an incline.

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