A reminder that running should be fun!

A reminder that running should be fun!

Yesterday I had the best run. It wasn’t fast, I wasn’t going to be breaking any records, but it was FUN! I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.

I ventured out of my house with no clear idea of where I was going, no pressure to do a certain time or distance, but just to enjoy being out and soak up the sun shining down on me and come back when I had had enough.

I started a light jog heading across the fields, into the local woods, hopping over low branches, and feeling the crack of twigs underneath my feet. Ahead a deer crossed my path, bounding gracefully between the trees. I was a little jealous of its effortless strides! I continued following the tracks through the woods and along the river bank, taking new paths as I fancied it, with no inclination to check which way I was going, but to just to enjoy the moment, occasionally stopping to take in the beauty of nature and to take pictures.

I then became quite engrossed rocking out to my favourite running playlist (which I once blogged about being too fast, but now is just perfect, a great sign of progress!). I was jumping around, running, singing and doing air guitar as I went through the woods! The moment felt so liberating and child-like, such fun! Luckily, I had the area to myself or someone may have had me carted off!

Then I turned and came across the path you can see in the photo. It was calling out to me, with its beauty, its straightness, its wide smooth clear path, and soft bouncy track. I just HAD to sprint full pelt down it, so I did, with a massive grin on my face the whole way!

All in all I was out for 1 ½ hours and covered just under 12km. I jogged, had short walking breaks and some fast sprints, I just did what I felt like and I had fun! I thought of a recent question posted on here, asking whether people actually enjoyed running and it reminded me that it should be fun. We are not doing this for punishment, but for pleasure. It takes a run like this to make me remember that running is about letting off steam and enjoying yourself. I think you can get as much pleasure (if not more) from just letting go and mucking around as achieving a PB any day!

Happy bank holiday everyone!


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54 Replies

  • Reading that and seeing the picture made me tingle all over, you have desribed the fun and wonder of running beautifully, aren't we so lucky to be able to have these pleasures...enjoy the rest of the bank holiday :)

  • We are indeed lucky! It's funny that a few months ago, I didn't understand why people ran and thought they were crazy and now I can't understand why people wouldn't! :)

  • What a smashing blog and lovely run just love the photo and yes I agree 100% running should be fun. I've always said there will be two reasons to stop me running, one being injury and the other when it no longer becomes enjoyable. We all have bad days when a run doesn't quite feel right, our bodies don't respond the way we would like but then we get a day like you Rollertoaster, simply bliss.

  • Thanks Oldgirl. I agree there are those hard days. Only a couple of weeks ago I gave up after 4k on this same route, it just wasn't happening, and i wasn't in the right frame of mind, but there are the runs when you can't imagine a life without running!

  • What a delightful blog! I'm looking forward to a day like that! I wish you many more to come!

  • Thanks Beek, you too will have runs like this! I really feel that C25K is one of the best things I've ever done!

  • I hope so. I'm finding it hard work right now but all these inspiring blogs can't be wrong. Thank you for the support

  • Every run was hard for me too, but you will do it! It is an amazingly well designed programme that really works!

  • Thank you. I am very glad to hear that! (Not that it was hard for you - that it works!)

  • I found a similar path today while taking Fred for a walk. Not straight but winding, through the woods with bluebells lining each side, just crying out to be run along!

    Glad you enjoyed your run.

  • Sounds lovely Beads! I hope you will return to the path with your running gear on!

  • What a delightful post. I'm happy for you that your found a perfect path to run and overall had a fun run!

  • Thanks swan! I went back today with hubby for a walk and couldn't resist sprinting along that bit again. He could sense my excitement as we got near to the path! :)

  • Wonderful ! Woodland is great for dancing unseen - I must do it again soon :-)

  • Just keep your clothes on for goodness sake sfb or you'll give the site a bad name ;) I always dread going round a bend and coming face to face with dog walkers etc at least they wouldn't be able to see my blushes my face is always bright pink when running.

  • Oh, I wouldn't inflict naked me on the wildlife, let alone people ! ;-)

  • hehe! So it's not just me then dancing in the woods! ;)

  • Not at all - I love being alone in the woods with my music :-)

  • What a lovely blog and I must say I love the picture, it must be lovely to run there.

  • Thanks Phil, I do feel very lucky that this is so close to home.

  • Now that sounds marvellous. It's a mark of how much I have changed that now when I go somewhere I think, would that be a good (and fun) place to run? Never in a million years would I have put the words run and fun together before February, but I've had a few recently.

  • Indeed, me too! I do not recognise this crazed woman I have become! :)

  • I was on the train the other day looking out of the window as the countryside slipped by. Then I saw a runner running across a track and thought...I wish i could do that run in the middle of nowhere :-)

  • Rollertoaster - you just made my day! It's absolutely right - there's no point doing something you don't enjoy and the enjoyment just pours into this blog. Having these photos to look back on, I'm sure you'll remember this day for the rest of your life.

  • Thanks Malcy! I will definitely remember this run. Also this very minute, hubby is creating a photo collage for me :)

  • What fun. Even though you said no pressure etc you still ran about 12k. Not bad at all. Keep up the good work ... and Happy Running. James

  • Thanks James, I was just having so much fun, I could have stayed out all day! Well actually I was quite tired by the end! :)

  • That sounds fantastic Rollertoaster! I know how you feel and I'm glad it's not just me that plays air guitar while running on my own!

  • Hehe! It's so liberating isn't it! :)

  • Beautiful blog, picture and surroundings...you are very lucky! A great reminder to all as well about the enjoyment of running; if we stop enjoying it and it becomes a chore then what is the point?? I'm out now to enjoy my run on a lovely sunny morning which really helps make it enjoyable without even trying!! ;)


  • Oh yes the sun makes all the difference! It just makes everything and everyone more joyful! Enjoy your run! :)

  • Hi. This is my first post I only joined yesterday. I just wanted to say I'm only on W3R2 today and I cannot believe I've made it to 36 never feeling this good about exercise, of course the sunshine helped but I love it!!!!

  • The programme's brilliant isn't it! It's completely changed my perception of running. When I started it was for practical reasons and I never expected to actually enjoy it! :)

  • Yes exactly and like someone else said I couldn't understand why anyone would enjoy it but now I can't see stopping this but only getting better. Plus you all seem normal and nice, not the intimidating crazy, superfit, it's all about what you look like crowd I always thought runners were! Ha that'll me soon, a runner, like you guys : )

  • Ha yes, I felt that too about runners and while there may still be the hardcore runners that are intimidating, most are super supportive whatever level you're at :)

  • Thunderthighs you make a great comment. When you go to the gym all these "look at me" weightlifters posing puts me off, but when you see runners running, they are just getting on with it. No posing and strutting their stuff.

  • I stopped off this morning after my class at the gym cafe, there was about 30 of us all sitting around chatting supping our cuppas. In walked a female, everything she was wearing was colour co-ordinated, right down to the laces in her shoes. The make up was faultless not a sign of a warm glo even.

    Someone asked after she had left with her bottle of sparkling water, "I wonder what she does in the gym?" Someone else replied "Pumps her eyes lashes up and down" There was a lot of laughter which seemed a bit cruel but probably true. Where there is a gym you will find these people who if they did but know it do not impress anyone.

  • You would never find me in a gym, for this very reason! I would find that very intimidating. Give me the outdoors and solitude any time, where I can do air guitar in private ;)

  • Thankyou Rollertoaster. I'm confined to walking only after I fell last Weds, so reading about your run was very refreshing. I'm really missing it and when out walking I have to resist breaking into a trot. So thanks, you have captured everything beautifully, and I can't wait to get back out there.

  • So sorry to hear you fell, I hope you will be back out there soon. I can understand how you must be feeling, I would be so frustrated being unable to run. Not too long now I hope.

  • Great picture, and sounds like a lovely run.

  • Thanks Ned! It's certainly one I'll remember for a while.

  • Lovely run. Spring has taken so long in coming this year everything seems more intense now. The woods round us smell of garlic - the nasty invasive few flowered leek rather than the native ramsons unfortunately.

  • You're right! It does seem more intense and with the sun then rain and then sun everything has grown really quickly!

  • Thank you so much, I needed to be reminded that we do this for fun. I am going to find some more interesting places to run and stop stomping round the same old streets for the sake of it.

    A nice wake up call, thank you. :-)

  • Glad my blog helped you! I think I needed to remember this too :)

  • Rollertoaster, when I'm back next week, think I'll run in the woods opposite. Have been a bit hesitant but the bluebells and anenomes are out now, I tried running with my daughter at Easter, and couldn't manage very much, but have come on now and I know JUST the path I'm gonna run down :)

    I also know where the ants nest is that I stood on last year and ended up doing a rain dance trying to get the critters out of my underwear, whilst not swearing in front of the bemused kids and dog walkers :)

  • Great! It's so lovely running in the woods and good that you know where will be nice to go to and also where to avoid! Enjoy! :)

  • I had a horrendous run this weekend so reading this yesterday was a great inspiration, so much so that I am back out today. Thanks for the cheer up!

  • No worries! I'm glad to have helped!

    We all have rubbish runs at some point, but in my experience, often a great run follows a bad one, so I hope it's the same for you!

  • Lovely! You are so right, it's meant to be fun. My worst runs are usually those where I don't measure up to my own expectations, post injury I have to take it easy and have reconnected with the joy of it. :-)

  • Thanks notbad. TYou're definitely right, I find my worst runs are those where i'm not in the right frame of mind and it feels like a chore. If I cut myself a little slack, I usually do much better.

    Sorry that you've been injured, but glad you've found a postiive! That's the spirit of a runner! :)

  • It's lovely reading through your blog and all these comments. A good one to look back at on a not-so-good running day! :)

  • Thanks greenlegs. Absolutely!

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