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My first cold and frosty morning run :)


Decided to get week 8 underway this morning, so, after a lie in ( :) ) and a cup of tea, went out on a beautiful sunny and frosty morning run! I usually run in the afternoon, or evening, so it made a change to go out 'first' thing (not early, though, it is the holidays!). I thought this change of plan warranted a change of route, so instead of using my road route, or the woods at the back of my house, I thought I would head off towards the local park and see what the tracks were like there. I have walked and cycled through it, so I knew there were some tarmac paths, but of course the first bit I did wasn't! Fortunately it wasn't too muddy and didn't take me long to get to the paths.

It seemed really hard work this morning, and I kept saying to myself to slow down. I wondered whether it had anything to do with my asthma playing up a little last night. But when I got home and looked at Strava - it was entirely my own fault - I was going TOO FAST!!! (My average pace was 7.19 min/km, and my 3rd km was 6.52 mins!!!) No wonder it felt such hard going!! Next time I _will_ slow down!!!

Ah well - 28 minutes run, and nearly 4km :D

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Lovely morning isn't it? Don't worry about the pace it will come as you get stronger and the irony is that you have probably made yourself a bit stronger - Learning curve but it's great that you were out!!!

CookieMGraduate in reply to Rockshammer

I did the same with the first run of week 7!! Runs 2 and 3 were slightly slower and much easier, so I will try to do the same next run and slow down!!!!!

RockshammerGraduate in reply to CookieM

You will find a comfortable pace - Mine is only slightly faster than a brisk walk but I'm out there doing it!!!


Doing well cookie! Keep it up! But yes, take it easy!😊

CookieMGraduate in reply to davelinks

I kept saying run slower, but I obviously need to try harder at that!!!!! :D


Excellent run!

CookieMGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you! (Though at the time it felt more 😥 )


That sounds like an excellent run. I went out this morning too, twas very cold wasn't it, and I forgot my gloves too. I love morning runs, get it out of the way then you have the rest of the day ahead of you :)

CookieMGraduate in reply to loisamelia

It was cold, though after 10 minutes I had removed both my gloves and my buff!! The sun was quite warm! 😥

loisameliaGraduate in reply to CookieM

I don't think I saw the sun. Garmin said it was 1.1 degrees C!!

CookieMGraduate in reply to loisamelia


loisameliaGraduate in reply to CookieM

Indeed! Even more brrrr this morning an hour ago so I bailed :(


It is certainly a beautiful day. Glad you could get out and enjoy it.

CookieMGraduate in reply to Maddee_6333

So was I - although I'm not sure I necessarily enjoyed it!!!!


The enjoyment comes from knowing you ran :) Sounds like a great run and a good distance too. Won't be long now! 🏃🏃🏃

CookieMGraduate in reply to McFitty

True!! :)

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