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Week 9 Run 3 -- Completed. Yay, I've graduated!


For my final run of the C25K programme I ran my usual route that I've done most often during the past nine weeks, but did it in reverse this time. This took me about 2 km along the single track road to the village, then out to the gate lodge to one of the private country estates. I followed the surfaced estate road for another 2 km, then took off along farm tracks alongside the barley fields. and finished the run just before entering the woods that lead back to the village.

According to my borrowed Garmin watch I ran 6K in 39 minutes and managed the 5K in 32.15 mins -which is faster than last Saturday's Parkrun, but the first 1 km of my route is downhill. I had a 3 km warm down walk home

When I started this programme nine weeks ago I was surprised how difficult I found it. I thought I was fit. I regularly went hillwalking and thought if I could climb a 4000ft mountain or walk 20 miles in a day, surely I could run for a minute! Huh! How wrong I was. It wasn't helped by the fact that prior to hearing about C25K I had tried beginning running without any idea was I was doing. I'd been out running in the woods twice and think I strained my hip abductor muscles. I was in pain for the first few days of C25K. But I persevered and now 9 weeks later, I'm a lot more aware of moving my body carefully and efficiently.

I've found this community a great help and love how we all share our highs and lows, our joy and our despair, and our blood, sweat (oh plenty of sweat) and tears.

So C25K completed, I'm moving on to a 10K training plan. :-)

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WELL DONE. I'm two weeks behind you, I'll be starting week 8 tomorrow with my first parkrun. I think this program is amazing, never thought I'd actually enjoy running, but I'm hooked now.


Congrats to you! Go get that badge and good luck with the 10K! ;)


Well done you!!! Congratulations...looking forward to seeing your green badge :o)




Well done swanscott - a real inspiration to us newer runners on this programme! Your description of your running route sounds ideal and so different from us urban runners but whatever our surroundngs we are all progressing to the same goal. Bet you cant wait for your badge!


Well done, that's brilliant! And what a good idea to borrow a Garmin watch, must see if I can do that too.

Good luck with the 10k training and keep us posted!

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I really like tracking my runs (and walks and cycle rides). Last week my son's GF gave me a hand-me-down iPhone with Runkeeper app that she had been using (she's training for a 10K race), and I've used that all week. However the GPS is not brilliant and shows me cutting corners at places in the woods, or leaping over 10 foot high walls - and no, I'm not doing parkour! It's fine of 'everyday use' but I wanted a more accurate record for today's run!

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I'm waiting for the new garmin forerunner 10 to come out, it looks really easy to use and should be in the shops in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll get to the last run before that though so I'll see what I can borrow - be nice to know exactly what I ran then. I use geodistance otherwise but it's tricky in the woods too - no paths!

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I got an email today from Sweatshop to say they have the new Garmin Forerunner 10 in stock. They say 'Exclusive to Sweatshop' and they are £99.99 - only in green and black/red - no pink.

I'm going to wait a while until other stockists get them - I hope the exclusive to SS is not too long - and hope the likes of Wiggle have them cheaper.

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No, wait. It's on pre-order there, for release next week. As it is at Wiggle and Handtec.

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Oh good - hope it's available here too - then I can hopefully map out all my runs through my Swiss woods. Just off for W8R2. It's 12°, a wee bit misty and no wind.

Let us know about your first post-grad run!

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I'm going to be looking for a GPS watch soon. What are the key features of this one and how does it compare to the other Garmins? It sounds quite cheap (ie. my price range!).

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Hi Legion,

It's this one:


The only downside I can see is the colour, puke green or barbie pink for ladies... I've got thin wrists so I might not be able to wear the black one, def a need to 'try before you buy' purchase!

Otherwise there are a lot of people wearing the forerunner 110 on here and they seem happy with it, if you search you'll find the thread, and they're available on Amazon for around the same price.

Hope this helps, I don't have any personal experience of them at all. :-)


Well done for graduating Swanscot, I love the sound of your run. It sounds like you are getting all the different surfaces there. It's probably very good for your feet! Good luck with the 10k. I'm hoping to go on to 10k when I complete 5k, so I'd be very interested as to how you get on. Do keep in touch!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! The program is definitely a reality check, but you made it! Looking forward to seeing your graduate badge!!! :-) :-)


Congatulations!! On to 10k, whoo hoo!!


Well done swanscot!! That pathway looks absolutely beautiful too :)

Good luck with the progression to 10k.

Congratulations Swanscot, very well done.

Well done!!!!


Well done! Lovely photo.


Congratulations! Sounds like you had a lovely route to run your special run on too - good luck for your 10K training. Keep blogging...




Congratulations on your graduation. :) Sounds like you're all set for the next challenge. Look forward to reading how you progress. Best of luck on your running journey. :)


congratulations! well done!

Yeeeay!! Well done swanscot-there's hope for me yet, lol!


Congratulations swanscot! Well done. Finishing is a great achievement. I'm interested to see how the 10K plan goes. I've downloaded it but not sure I'm ready for it.

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