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First post graduation run

Was very slow! Not sure what happened here. It wasn't too hot, I went back to my roads and pavement route, rather than running on tracks across the common, but I took a full four minutes longer! All but one of my km split times were well over 7 minutes. And just to add to the puzzle, my fastest km? The last one - the uphill stretch home, which I have avoided up until now!

Will try again tomorrow…...

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don't worry about it, strange things happen sometimes ,bottom line it is still a good run :D


Mine was too. It wasn't a good run at all for some reason. Hey ho. Onwards & upwards!

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Don't sweat it or try to see reason in it. From what I've seen, and from my own experience, the immediate post-graduation runs are a bit flat. Up to this point, you've had purpose, targets, and you've been coached through the runs.

Now you need to find your own path, set your own targets, and decide what you want to do. It does get better again, as you find your feet as an independant runner.


Sorry you are disappointed but you still completed it. Just enjoy it now, but I will miss Laura's encouragement when it is my post run. Good luck for future runs.


Sounds like a good steady run to me. Maybe you were subconsciously fearful of the hill on your last leg so you were making sure you had something left in the tank. Sounds like a good route to keep in mind for building some stamina in the long term. Well done :)


For some reason the post graduation runs can be a little strange but at least you got out there. Do you have any goals to aim for now or are you just going to free run for a bit?


First of all -- DON'T try again tomorrow!!!!!

What I believe you should do is to run 5K slowly every second day for the next 3-4 weeks . DO NOT look at your times or paces during this entire time - just keep your breathing under control (practice some form of rhythmic breathing) and examine how your legs are feeling during this time -- they should slowly improve and start to feel "stronger" - the runs should get more and more easy.

Only after this consolidation period, should you think about what you are going to do in the future ( running training wise)


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