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W8 finished with an extra bonus


Just ran W8R3 without the lovely Laura as she let me down big time on W8R2 by telling me to slow down 2 minutes early then telling me is finished during my warm down walk.....ah well that's technology for you and I'm sure Laura's spanners were nowhere near it. 😀 Anyway today was back to iPod watch and run keeper. Thought I'd throw in an early 30 min run if I could, and see how far I got. Well at 29.57 I hit the magic 5k Whoop Whoop.... My life is almost complete.....Just the 916sps to go....and I really need to learn to play those 2 guitars I bought years ago .....ah well 10 weeks ago I had no thoughts about running so life is full of surprises and after week one I realised why I had no thoughts of running but just stick with it any newbies who might be reading this because if a 53 year old with dodgy knees and back and AF can do it then there is real hope for anyone. Looking forward to W9

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Well done!


Wow, that really is a fantastic achievement. Week 9 is going to be a doddle for you.


Go you...and your dodgy knees and back...WOW ! :)

Onwards and upwards!

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Yes my AF doesn't seem to affect my running or exercise in general. I've got it I live with it I try and keep away from as many triggers as possible and just monitor it myself. It's a lot milder than many people have and I had an ECG check up last week and all is ok apparantly.


Wow, that is really fast - you're going to smash week 9! Well done!


you ok running with af- hats off big time :-)

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