I started w8 today and it was fine - I ran for 28mins with the exception of about 30 secs as my joggers felt like they were about to fall down! I was a little frustrated with myself as I 'only' managed 4.6k. I had planed to keep going until I hit the 5k, but I had a bit of a pain in !y knee.

This whole running thing is funny - I've never shaken off the gremlins. They keep telling me that I can stop, slow down or go home. I never let them win though. I had thought that they would have given up by now, but perhaps I have to realise that they will always be around... The will just never be allowed to win.

I ditched Laura and ran to a playlist today which is more enjoyable for me. It was a hard break-up. She changed my life massively and I will miss her more than you will ever know!

And one last thing...I checked my bmi today and I stopped being 'obese' a few weeks ago I am now right, slap band central, in the middle of being 'overweight'! Silly to be hyped by that but it is a huge improvement. Less than a stone and I will be 'normal'. I've not been normal in such a long time!😋


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  • Laura or no Laura , the entire point is to run. Records will come later. But it is important to push yourself. Slow and steady wins the long run. Literally and figuratively.

  • fantastic, well done you and you are so close...and the gremlins don't go I'm afraid but you just need to be one step ahead...my advice is to get a mantra. Mine is,' push that body,punish that body,' and it always works to keep me chuffing along :)

  • My gym has a great poster up "the brain commands and the body obeys". Something I have actually began to believe in. The twinges and aches... I just keep going.

  • Im not cheating on Laura until graduation, she keeps me going.

    Did week 8 Run 1 today and Gremlins keep away, but they weren't that far away. 5.19Km today in 40.03 Mins. I am quite limited to routes as there is only one real way in and out of my town so I reversed my route today. It seemed to help.

    Halfway around I could feel my left calf muscle twinge a bit, I thought it was a bit strange as I had invested in some proper compression running socks and they have been a miracle. Got home and took off my trainers and there on my left foot was a small letter R. My wife bless her had put the two left and two rights together (she didn't know they were different).

  • Oh, don't get me wrong my issue isn't with Laura - it is her choice of music! If she would only play my music occasionally we would still be together!

  • Yeah go baby ! Well done Christop, and congratulations on the weight loss. You are doing really well !

    Oh I still hear the mutterings of those head gremlins , I just sing my nut off to my choons to drown them out .

    Keep going and look after that knee ! xxx

  • I did catch myself singing today. I suppose I look a bit like an idiot when running so I might as well sound like one too!

    I was walking through Morrison's today and those darn gremlins were back when passing the cakes... Evil little things!

  • Ha ha , it really helps me with my breathing, if I cant sing , I know Im going too fast :-)

    Aw, I bet you dont look like an idiot at all when youre running, just remember the compliments you got in the gym :-)

    Well done Christo , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • I wish some of my weight would come off. not lost a single pound since starting 7 weeks ago :-(

  • Hi Walkerjusty,

    I started running and weight training on alternate days at the start of the year. After 5 weeks I hadn't lost any weight despite eating sensibly. Two weeks ago I started intermittent fasting (600 calories) on two running days and lost 4lbs & 2lbs in the last two weeks! Give it a try, its easier than dieting!

  • Damn those gremlins, pulling your joggers down! I've heard of them trying some evil tricks, that just takes the biscuit! Well done on your weight loss, not silly at all to be happy about that. XX

  • I gave up on Laura after week 5 when I realised I found hearing Runkeeper give me my 0.5k splits and having a record of my runs to compare was more motivational. I did continue with the programme plan in terms of run construction and timings and it has worked really well.

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