Anniversary in sight but not the finish line!!

As I sit here and reflect I let out a sigh

It’s another year which really has flown by

Nearly four have gone by since I left the house

I was secretive, didn’t even tell my dear spouse

I would run with the wind in my hair, feeling free without a care

I was off to see if I could run, not expecting it to be much fun

I wasn’t fit, I was in my prime, crazy I know but still no crime

I had a program to follow and someone to tell me what to do

It was Laura who kept me right, encouraged me all the way through

I would run with the wind in my hair, feeling free without a care

In fact for nine weeks she held my hand and I held hers quite tight

I needed the support, it was hard running that first night

But like many before me, hundreds since then we won the battle

We girls, woman, boys and men all learned to run routes we would tackle

I would run with the wind in my hair, feeling free without a care

When I look back and see my journey I’m proud of my covered miles

It’s a life changing course that helps body and mind and brings on smiles

But along my running journey now four years what I found the most

There’s also hundreds of new friends who I hope will read this post

I would run with the wind in my hair, feeling free without a care

I wonder some days when I’ll next be able to run which I’m addicted to

I’m not on my own that I know, I have each and every one of you

To help me through this difficult time, I just thought I would share

I will run again with the wind in my hair, feeling free without a care

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

Hopefully this Oldgirl's down but not out :)


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26 Replies

  • Aaaagh that's fab! I love it. Four years. Wow! Hope I am as positive as you in four years time. Well done oldgirl!!!!

  • There's only 1 thing that accurately describes that post and it's - :D x

  • Is that a grin or a grimace LF? ;)

  • Massive grin :)

  • Fantastic post Oldgirl - with that passion and positive approach how can you fail to get back out there! Four years - something to be really proud of! X

  • Thats great! what a lovely sentiment! hope you will be back running soon :)

  • Of course you're not! You can't keep us older uns down !! We're indomitable

    Lovely poem there OG! I must admit to a tear in my glass eye

    I do sincerely hope you'll soon be back to full fitness and tearing around the highways and byways once again.

    Hang in there!

  • Great post, oldgirl and those words ring so true for so many (all?) of us. You mat be down but your are definitely not out. Did you write this?

  • I'm afraid I did paul, my poetry is as bad as my running, terrible ;)

  • On the contrary, it's great :)

  • I'm not completely idle while on the injury bench. I have taken up rowing and tomorrow is a bid for a new PB. I have managed 3K rowing to date so tomorrow I'm going for 5K, well why not!?! I'm hoping to be able to row 5K in about the same time as I can/have run it which is 31:28, target to beat. Well what's the point in not challenging yourself now and again ;)

  • That's the spirit oldgirl; you are as young as you feel!

    Row like the winds in your hair (I know it should be run like the wind)! And best of luck on you're rowing PB, that sounds like a very good dozzer tri-challenge.

    Chin chin on your challenge tomorrow - row report anticipated x

  • Great poem OG, an inspiration for all.....and wow 4 years since you took up running and your still so positive....great to read and hear. Good luck with the rowing.

  • Lovely poem Sweetie. It absolutely sums up running and how it makes us feel, from those first tentative steps with Laura, to that wonderful feeling of freedom and confidence when it all comes together and the run becomes the highlight of the day.

    Hope you're up and off the injury couch soon OG. In the meantime, good luck with that rowing PB :) xxx

  • Love your spirit Oldgirl, and the poetry is fab! You are definitely not out, that's for sure. Enjoy your rowing, you certainly like a challenge! x :-)

  • What spiffing prose, descriptiv and positive. You really know how to express your passion for running OG. Loved that. Sending positive waves your way to get back out there soon.

  • Brilliant poetry. Thank you.

  • Yay. Beautiful poem, which encapsulates how fantastic you are and the joy of running.

  • Beautiful prose m'dear... sending good wishes your way... we'll have you back on track just as soon as we possibly can...

    Thank you for posting this - I always feel during a tough run that I can imagine all you lot cheering me on... it's lovely to have a place like this... :)

  • Thank you, this forum would not be the same without OldGirl. :-)

  • Great poem. Happy rowing - 'more power to your elbow'!

  • Brilliant! I really hope I still love it after 4 years!

  • Sums up a lot of our feelings perfectly and I will chant that lovely verse when I am struggling and think of all of our forum friends. I was only chatting to Laura again today after revisiting week 6 due to a few weeks off. Hope you are off the couch soon but not before more inspirational poetry. :D

  • When I do get back out there I will start from scratch with Laura holding my hand again. We are the best of pals now it will be my fourth comeback. Not a good advert for fitness and good health am I?!? But its still my passion and I still maintain its good for us, however we all need to pay close attention to pain, don't ignore it as I first did, it could result in serious consequences.

  • What a great post Old Girl, and so many lovely replies. I will just add my good wishes to all the others for a speedy recovery and many more inspiring poems!

  • Many thanks all of you who read my post and responded with such kind words. Its people like the members on this site that make the ups and downs of a new runners journey much easier and although most of my 4 years I've been a lone runner since finding this site I've never been alone. I was on my second time of C25K week 6 if I remember right after being on the injury bench for 3 months having suffered from sciatica in my right hip. From the day I first posted here I realised what a lovely bunch of like minded people runners are (new runners especially). We love to share tips, advice, stories of our runs, achievements, pit falls, the list goes on but when someone posts you can be 99% certain that post will be answered. The site has grown since I became a member, I think there was about 150 of us in those early days but even now with all the hundreds that are here there is one thing that comes through loud and clear, you all care about others, your help and support is invaluable.

    Bless you all, keep up the good work not only of running but of caring and supporting. All the newbies who may read this, the help is here you just have to write a post.

    Happy running everyone, congratulations to new graduates and good luck to those just starting out :)

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