wk9r3 Achieved - with a little extra!

Thinking back to wk1rn1 when I could not even manage the 5mins cool down walk, took a couple of hours to recover and was on the brink of abandoning the whole idea. I have actually done it, completed wk9r3. I am so pleased and happy with myself. Definitely will keep running as have enjoyed the experience - the lows as well as the highs.

Today ran the furthest and for the longest thanks to a couple of tractors. After Laura said you only have 5mins to go I let my mind wander, not long afterwards a tractor passed me followed a little later by a tractor with trailer full of noisy cows , soon I was beginning to struggle, the legs were getting heavy, each step harder, the breath in gasps rather than steady . What was wrong, no way was I giving up before the start of the cool down walk. Next thing was Laura said "that's your warm down over" - thanks to the tractors I had not heard the last 60second and start of warm down section. So in all ran for 35mins54sec.

Thanks everyone on the forum for sharing experiences these have helped enormously, just knowing others are going through the same ups and downs helped. Only one thing I still struggle with is : how to peel of the sports bra!


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10 Replies

  • Well done jadaromi on over-achieving W9R3, now the fun begins to keep on running.

  • Wahey ! Congratulations Jad on your graduation and a big up to the tractors ha ha :-)

    Well done to you , it is an amazing programme isn't it , and this forum is the most friendliest, supportive place on t;internet for sure.

    Ah the flippin' sports bra, the bane of my life. Why oh why is it such a palaver getting one off ? I share your pain :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your day , don't forget to ask for your badge ! xxx

  • Ha ha - that last bit made me smile ! Congratulations !! Shiny badge suits you ;)

  • I have to peel mine off downwards over my hips. Just too knackered to fight it off over my head when I get home! And the running tights are a total pain when all sweaty. I don't know, it's all just too much really ... !

  • There is no way I could get mine over my hips!!!

  • PS I meant to say WELL DONE!!!!

  • Congrats, proudly take your place in the hall of the amazing.

  • Hooray congratulations :0). Feels so good doesn't it. Have you stopped grinning yet :0)

  • Still grinning , and when I saw the word graduate after my name made it even wider!

  • Congratulations! Lots of grads to keep you company x

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