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Finished W8. On a treadmill!


Treadmills. They're an art aren't they!

I managed to get a second-hand treadmill for the bargain price of £30. I'd just won it on eBay when Helsbels posted about her treadmill trauma earlier in the week so I was instantly regretting my decision.

Anyway I collected it today and as it was pouring down decided to try it out tonight.

Hats off to anyone doing the whole of the programme on a treadmill! The run seemed so much longer because of the monotony. Physically I was fine but... Yawn!

I struggled a bit with the constant pace as I imagine outside my pace fluctuates so it felt a bit unnatural.

I'm going to continue to run outside whenever I can and just use it as a fallback. If I use it in the week I could graduate by Friday but something in me feels like it would be somehow cheating to complete week 9 on a treadmill after doing the rest outside 😕

Biggest lesson learned tonight? Turn the heating off!! I sweated buckets! Running outside in the freezing UK winter has its advantages!

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Ah PumpKim, well done on getting Wk 8 finished, been wondering about you this week and hoping you'd manage to get out and run.

Confess I've not been on the treadmill to run since going back outdoors - same reasons... bored and very, very sweaty! But if this helps you keep up with the running in the short term, go for it! Well done for bargain hunting too ;)

No way cheating, you've been whizzing through C25K from the off, doing brilliantly and all outdoors. Understand why it might spoil the final week for you... Maybe you could save graduation run for outside at the weekend...

You're right, treadmill will test your mental strength more than the physical though, especially on the long runs now. You'll be good though.

Good luck with week 9 :)


I'm doing the program on the treadmill, and I find it easier to cover the timer and do the run. Otherwise I'd just be staring at it the whole time and the run then seems longer than it actually is. Learnt that quickly after the first run.

PumpKimGraduate in reply to Shivani05

Yes I became a little obsessed with the timer 😏


I am on week 8 3 coming up today....all on a treadmill (young kids and husband who works late so no option to run outside 3 times a week). The long runs are tough but have found I can put I-player on my tablet and catch up on some tv as I run! Makes the run go really quickly. Also definately turn off heating and open a window or definately overheat!

Good luck with week 9!


I've done most of my c25k ,on a treadmill, if you can up the gradient to one, that will simulate road running, the road is more fun, but it's not easy to fit 3 road runs with kids,work and miserable weather so a treadmill is a good way to keep going with the plan.

I use my treadmill for flat work runs. Live in torquay so many hills.

It is boring on the treadmill but it does have its place in training especially when weather is just too bad to go outside. I also use it for short fast running because I can regulate the speed and time correctly.


Well done PumpKim, glad you managed to get hold of a treadmill. I've never been on one myself, but seen lots of reports on this forum about the differences between ruining outside and on a treadmill. The general trend seems to be that treadmill is slightly easier but more monotonous. Can you listen to an audiobook, or watch a film? That's distracting.

Like you, I would think I was cheating a bit, but you're not really. You're keeping your fitness levels up and continuing with the program in the face of adversity! That's pretty cool! I'd see it as a back up and top up my three runs a week with it, if I had no other option. Maybe do W9R1on Sunday when your husband's around and do one treadmill run during the week with a glorious graduation run on Friday if he can get back in time. It's a difficult one, because like you I wouldn't want my graduation run to be done inside. If necessary I'd do an extra treadmill run and not count it!

Really glad you've got new options though. It means you will be able to keep up running three times a week, which is fantastic. Then you, me and Nat will go running off into the sunset (slowly, red-faced and sweating buckets - but running!).

PumpKimGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

It's definitely just a backup. I'll do my graduation run outside next weekend. Then going forward I will use it a couple of times in the week just to keep my fitness up. Audio books are a good idea. I usually listen in bed but always fall asleep before the end of chapter 1. This way I might actually get to finish one 😂😂


well done on getting so far. Now you know you can graduate - it's just a matter of timing. If you are anything like me you can do w9r2 several times until you are ready to graduate outside, maybe even at a parkrun. I have a degree in "living in denial".

The treadmill is good for intervals and even hills if you can change the incline.


The advantage I found to treadmills is using them to increase your pace. Set it a Wee bit faster every week and let your body get used to faster pace. Well done on completing week 8.


Well done Pumpkin, Just three runs to go and the world is your oyster

With the exception of week 1 I've done the whole thing on a treadmill (on week9run2 tomorrow.) There are no streetlights here and the paths/roads are holey and dangerous in the dark. My concern is that once I don't have a TV to distract me, a 30 minute run will feel like it takes foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

PumpKimGraduate in reply to Phoenix891119

I had the tv on but the sound wasn't loud enough so I couldn't hear. Not much fun when it's Question of Sport and they are all just sitting there! 😂😂

Phoenix891119Graduate in reply to PumpKim

I had that one Sunday, Jeremy Kyle or Rugby. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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