Week8run1 +an extra 2mins!!!

Every new week I cringe & dread my extra minutes and tonight was so challenging !!! 😰 slow but kept going ... When Laura said 5 mins I thought I'm never going to get through this plodding on willing the time to pass quickly & counting the geese flying over me... That was really to take my mind off how much longer I had to go😂😂 so glad when it was half way mark to turn & go back to my starting point gosh it felt like an eternity!!!! Once I got to last 5mins I thought will I just try that extra 2 mins to see if I can make it to week 9!! 😊 omg so amazed I made it 2.18 miles running in 30mins plus my 5mins warm up & then cool down!! Ok a long way to go till 5k in 30 mins but I never in a month of Sunday's thought I'd get this far so fair pleased with myself!! Might get to 5k by time I reach 60 ha ha!!! In July 2017!! Anyway any suggestions to get rid of the feeling this long runs can be a bit boring, I feel it's never ending !! Probably because I'm so slow & it's still hard going for me! 😊😊x some great results on graduations tonight CONGRATULATIONS everyone you are all 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟x


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22 Replies

  • Well done on skipping to week 9.

    I don't have any answers to overcomingtovercoming the boredom you're feeling - it does sometimes feel a slog. The only way I keep going is the sense of personal achievement and that to me is what every run is - an achievement! It doesn't come naturally for me to run.

    I'm sure others will have other thoughts but for now, just bask in the glow of your success.

  • You know I'm the same running doesn't come naturally to me either just something I always wanted to do & that's what keeps me going the sense of achievement and that age has no barriers 😀😀going to continue on week 8 and complete all the runs as I love the structure just testing I could do it to keep me going!!! Then il need advise on keeping going😀😀and next plan!! Think it will be speeding up & love to do a park run! 😊

  • I did a park run a couple of weeks ago, it was such fun and met some lovely people. I didn't run all of it obviously, walked, ran, shuffled. A real buzz, like you I'm at the back end of 50 always wanted to run, I have tried so many times but hopefully this time I will get to the end of the programme.

  • Wow! Well done you 😊 I always hate the first half of a run....my legs hurt, my breathing is all over the place and when Laura says you've been running for 5 mins I want to scream as it always feels like so much longer 😂 So now you know you can run for 30 mins! Graduation won't be long in coming x

  • Can't wait to say "I did it" its so great reading all the success stories including yours such a lot you have achieved😊 hope the effects of your well deserved celebrations aren't too bad😀 and your dad keeps better every day x

  • Well done Pc59! The longer runs at the end of the programme can feel a bit relentless. I listened to the radio while doing mine. It is easy enough to time yourself when it's a single length of time, so you could give Laura a day off! Once you graduate, and you are getting so close, you can mix the runs up a bit and maintain interest that way. You will get there!

  • Thanks it's been a hard slog but getting there & looking forward to the next step!! Which will be to keep going😀😀🏃🏃shame winter coming in I wish I started earlier in the year as I would hate to lose the motivation!! Not keen on the dark nights & still working full time! Never mind must stay positive!😀

  • Well done you! As you get into longer runs, things can sometimes feel a little tedious - that's when you need to start plotting new routes!

    Don't wait to start parkrun get along now - you will surprise yourself.

    For my long runs, I often listen to audio books (and have even been known to run an extra lap around the block to get to the end of a chapter!).

  • Here that's a great idea as I love reading il give that a go especially if it helps me run farther!😊Phyllis

  • Well done, you are making great progress. Boredom is a relative thing. Your brain does not have to switch off while running. I remember those final weeks of C25k being a slog, but can now happily run for well over an hour without any external stimuli, as long as my environment is attractive. I know I am lucky not to have to run city streets and would suggest that if you pick your routes you will not be bored.

  • thanks looking forward to that stage of running that long😊that will be a great achievement I can make it a goal😀

  • I was listening to the Archers Omnibus on my week 8 runs - just fuming about Rob Kitchener kept me going! :-)

  • Well done you. That's fantastic. I change my route so I've something different to look at, also I count the songs - approx 3 minutes each (I enjoy listening to them as well) and I also imagine that some of you are running with me. Makes it so much easier!

    I also did first run of Wk 8 yesterday tho I did stop when Laura told me to :-). but well done!

  • I must do that more & I love music & it's been great listening to more music as I never have time other than running! Don't worry I am going back to 28 mins for next two runs just needed to prove to myself it was possible!! See you at our graduation😊🏃😊Phyllis x

  • Absolutely look forward to seeing you there. Carol x

  • Well done Pc59...nearly there..

    As far as the boredom thing goes, my experience is that those graduation week runs start to take your running to another level. The first few mins seem tough but you feel capable and push through that and then your breathing settles and you feel relaxed and it feels good. Your legs know what they are doing you are breathing normally and enjoying it. Then towards the end of your run you do get tired but just push to the end and when you stop feel amazed that you did it. Embrace these longer runs once you have the first few mins done the rest is great..

    Music and Laura help as does running on the flat if possible.

    Good luck with the rest of week 8 and graduation week. They are important runs.😊

  • Many thanks here's to graduation😀5 more runs😊😊x

  • Probably naughty but why not LOL! There is only a very little difference in a couple of extra minutes and if you have a great run day, well done. Just take it easy and plod through to graduation. Once you get to week 9, the advice of only a weekly increase of 10% is good advice. When I have ignored that, I have ended up with pain and niggles in my knees, shins etc

  • You so right I'm back to plan for rest of week 8 & week 9 just wanted to prove to myself I could do it to keep me motivated. Thanks for good advise x

  • I can still remember my week 7, thought I could do anything and ran longer than I needed to. Gave myself a good talking to though afterwards and got back to the programme, an injury at that late stage - not risking it LOL

  • Well done, it feels like it's not much further to add a couple of mins on. I did Week 8, run 1 today also 😄 I am lucky in that I can run in the woods early mornings, it's sometimes bumpy and I have to watch my step.. in fact we made this secret trail through the woods for my 2 year old son to run along - dog free, it certainly keeps the interest more. My other location is between sand dunes, boardwalks and reeds when I'm working away. I think location has been a major help with managing the runs. I know I would have given up week 1 on the treadmill!

  • So true I do have a few routes as try to keep to flat areas but must try a few more thanks and here's to our graduation Phyllis x

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