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Week 1 Run 2


Went for run 2 today along with my dog Bridget, in the park now and I couldn't get Week 1 to play, no sound coming from my earphones. Panic set in. No way was I going home to sort it. So I thought I would try Week 2, and guess what it played. So not wanting to forfeit day 2, I thought I would try Week 2 and managed it Yay!! When I got back I managed to sort out the podcast for Week one. Ooh I am not good with technology. I would like to do the strength and flexibility programme, anyone any advice about it.

Wondered if I should do it on alternate days to this programme or wait until hopefully I finish this C25k first. If anyone has done the two together I would welcome any tips and advice.

I'll make sure I test my podcast before and of Week one on Saturday.

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These are perfect to do at the same time Barbara as they complement your running so go for it! Well done on getting the first run done.


I didn't do the strength and flex until after graduation and REALLY regret it. Do it now on your non-running days.


I think the 2 programmes compliment one another. I didn't do any strengthening exercises and think that's why I ended up injured and out of action for 2 months :(

Well done jumping in to W2 and managing - think I'd just carry on from there now


Well done- only one more run until week 1 is done!

I am doing run 3 week one on Sunday, I thought I would try the strength and Flex tomorrow. I am amazed at my energy levels, I was defo a couch potato before, only in the evening now !!

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