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Week 2 run 1 & 2 shin pain

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Was delighted I managed to complete wk 1 as unfit and overweight, however, on wk2 run 1 I changed my running style as per Laura's advice re heel striking ground first and had pain on both inner shins - assumed this was just from using different muscles so carried on following the programme with my new running style. Really struggled with wk 2 run 2 - thought my shins were going to explode! Would I be right in assuming this is shin splints? Gutted if I can't continue with podcasts as really need to keep the momentum going. Had an extra rest day today and am icing shins just now. Don't want to miss another day. Any one else had same problems with heel running? Any tips on how to proceed please?

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I too had shin pains in the early weeks, i think it is where your body is getting use to you running, fortunately i managed to keep progressing through the program as mine hurt more after i had finished the runs.Rest up and take it easy on your next run and hopefully they will stop in time

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Thanks - think I might go back to wk 1 run tomorrow and see how that goes.

not sure if this helps but are your trainers right?

i got some new running shoes and ive been fine with them since doing the programme. Prior to this i'd only run on the tradmill at the gym and suffered with shin splints but i only had standard trainers at the time with no support (more fashion then running ones). i found out after looking at my feet and reding up I have high arches and after i had gait analysis found i needed something with mild support. ive just finished week 7 and have had no problem with shin splints

hope you get sorted though, maybe pp is right about getting used to it too.

I'm running on fairly rough, uneven ground as it's either that or Tarmac which I thought would be worse for my unfit limbs! My trainers are inov8 roclite which I think are designed more for offroad but maybe I need to look at getting something with more cushioning. Any suggestions gratefully received and thanks for advice.

i would go to specialist running shop in your trainers and see if they will check your gait, they may do with you wearing your trainers and ssess, see if anyone can recommend a local shop

I had problems with shin splints when i first started running again but this will get better as your bone density will naturally increase. Make sure you incorporate plenty of rest days in your schedule and it should clear up in a few weeks. I no longer have any problems of this nature :)

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Gait analysis is invaluable. I had lots of pain in my feet and knees before I had gait analysis - it stopped as soon as I bought the recommended shoes. Shin splints can happen if you over-pronate - the forefoot rolls excessively to the inside. Correct shoes will help.

Good luck !

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There is a degree of controversy about what is the best running style. Laura's recommended heel first style is hard on the shins and it is essential that you have good shoes designed for running with lots of cushioning. If this style is really unnatural for you then your instinctive running style might be better. Barefoot runners do not land on their heels! However I'm no expert but I do think that a visit to a good running shop where they do gait analysis would be a real help as suggested by sfb350. Good luck!

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Many thanks to all for all your help - really helps to know other have had same problem but got through it. Definitely going to find a specialist running shop and see what they say and think I'll stick to my original running style - at least until i hopefully get a bit better at this. Thanks again all:)

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Just thought I'd let you all know that I've just completed wk 2 run 3 this morning! Yay! Couldn't be more surprised and delighted. Took a nurofen, rubbed tiger balm into my shins, found a softer path with fewer inclines and just took it really steady. So thank you all so much for your encouragement - don't think I'd have attempted it if I hadn't posted a question on here. Week 3 here I come....

compression socks seriously helped with my shin splints (tho expensive)

when i had shin splints i was told NOT to run for at least 2 weeks, unless i wanted a couple of months of enforced rest

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Thanks for info. - will have a look a compression socks:)

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