Week 2 day 1

I've got through my first week!! And today was the start of week two.

I found it a lot harder and with it being cold I actually couldn't figure out what to wear, I knew I would be warm the second I started running, any tips?? I managed all of the running with the exception of about 5 seconds at the end of one of the 90 seconds intervals - I'm hoping to manage it all next time.

I'm really enjoying this programme!! I also downloaded the runtastic app so I could see how far I was running, it seems ok but not sure if anyone has any recommendations for a better one??


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12 Replies

  • I find that once I get moving, I heat up so wearing cargo trousers and short sleeved t shirt. If I wear any more than that, end up tying it round my waist 😏! With ur runs, try slowing a little so that you can do the entire 90 seconds, it worked for me anyway 😅 Julie

  • I think your right, I need to slow down a little so I can manage to keep running. I am most definitely not walking at a brisk pace in between either so maybe it will help with that!

  • Each week of the programme raises the bar just a bit but it is superbly planned to keep most people progressing without problems and by the end of the week you will be ready for the next one. Trust Laura.

    As for what to wear, that is very personal and you will only discover by experimentation. I only ever wear what I would be wanting to wear after I have warmed up, after the first mile in my case, because I hate taking stuff off and either carrying it or tying round my waist. My wife always wears more layers than me and strips off as she runs and warms up, but then has to carry the extra gear. Layers are the secret and not forgetting your extremities.....a hat, or buff, and gloves are essential as it gets colder.

    I have never used Runtastic, but am sure it offers much the same as other apps. I use Runkeeper because it can be programmed with intervals and I transfer my results to Endomondo because it does a great job of keeping track of PBs.

    I am sure you will very soon be a running addict and your life will have changed irrevocably for the better. Stick with it and keep us posted.

  • Thank you :) I feel the same about tying things around my waist etc but think I might have to invest in a running gilet or something!

    I really hope so, it takes a lot for me to build up the motivation to actually get there but once I am I do seem to be enjoying it!

    Will definitely keep you updated with my slow progress, I imagine if I do ever graduate it will be nice to look back on these posts!

  • Yay! We are at the exact same point in C25K 😊 I just completed the first run of week two today too. Very nearly gave up on one of the 90 second runs but then someone was walking towards me and I thought I can't stop now, I'll look like a twit! So kept pushing on. Even 5 minutes running seems unthinkable at the moment though.

  • I agree 5 minutes running!? I feel like I will never be able to manage that! But hopefully I will - however I really can't imagine my fitness improving that much x

  • I use Nike running app on my phone, it's free, you can put in how far or for how long you want to run. It will tell you when you're halfway through. You can also have updates every km or mile or whatever and you can set goals.

  • Thank you, I'll download it now.

  • Your doing well, keep at it, I've always worn a short sleeved breathable compression base layer with breathable running T shirt on top, will go into winter with this, have long sleeved hooded running jacket for winter (Nike vapour) A pair if ronhill running bottoms,but haven't needed to wear them yet. Have some wooly half fingerless gloves to try, and some waterproof motorcycle gloves, but they may be too bulky for running...

  • Strangely enough I hadn't even considered layering! I didn't want anything too tight but like you say I can put a t shirt on top! Thank you

  • Compression base layers are not too tight if you get the correct size.

    They help stop bits wobbling about & protect against bruising/injury. I have always used a compression base layer top & shorts compression lining.

    I've not been brave enough to wear full compression shorts, as they show all the lines! If you get my drift.lol

  • I never wear gloves, even when it's snowing. I can't bare them when I run. I start off in a lightweight running jacket which gets ditched and tied round my middle. It weighs nothing but it does help keep the elements off. I put it back on once I've done running

    You'll find out what suits you once you get into it. I always have my ears covered when it gets cold, or even if it's windy at any time

    Good luck with the runs and have fun. Stick with Laura! She'll see you right

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