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W2 D1

Just completed w2 day1, I do not have "Laura! on my app just a voice saying "run now" or "walk now" so today I took along my old faithfull hand held stop watch.

I timed each segment and found it much better to know just how long I have left to walk, no panick, I have some time left to recover my breath ! when running it's nice to know only 20 seconds left, I can do that !

All you guys with "Laura" are very lucky, but without her this works for me.

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Patrick the app or podcast with Laura is the uk nhs choices Couch 2 5k.

Someone may be able to post the link for you.

Well done for taking up running. Laura tells us to go slow and steady. Just breath as best you can in the first few runs this is something that settles as you get further into the program. It is hard but do-able.

Good luck :)


Well done anyway.... Laura is a real help, but as long as you are happy...:)


Hi Patrick,

You can download the official NHS app, with Laura, from these links, depending on what type of phone you have


or here (iTunes/iPhones)

Hope that helps



Thanks for all the advice, I started so i'll finish with it, do;nt want to tempt fate!


Well done on your W2 R1 run. I time myself instead of listening to Laura, as her choice of music is pants.

I hope that you're enjoying the programme, before you know it you will be completing week 9 and graduating.

Best wishes for week 2 xx


A stop watch is hard to beat and at least you don't have to bear the awful music that accompanies Laura! Well done Patrick.


Well done Patrick keep up the good work, the main thing is what works best for you and enjoy what your doing. Keep us posted!


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