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Hello all, I did w2 d1 today and I'm confused about the foot strike thing🙃 My sis, who runs, says don't land on your heel, Laura says do🤔 Tried to land on my heel and blimey my calves hurt😬

I've searched on here and the last post I can find is from 3 years ago, general consensus was do what feels right.

Sorry if this has been asked tons of times, I can imagine it probably has, but what do you guys do? I really don't want to injure myself just as I'm getting started🙄


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7 Replies

  • As far as I'm concerned, it's the only time in the programme where Laura says a complete load of twaddle. Heel striking is not good for you - try to land midfoot. Or just wait and see where your foot lands naturally, but I doubt that it will be the heel first. I had enough problems trying to run at all in the first weeks without having to wonder which bit of my foot hit the ground first. Enjoy your running!

  • I agree with mfamilias strike where you feel comfortable. I tried to follow Lauras advice and ended up with shin splints. Your body knows how to run so trust it.

  • Thanks guys, you are fabulous 😀

    I thought I was doing ok then she told me to heel strike, wow never used those muscles before😬Then the lovely Laura tells me to count my breathing, ok fine but there's a chill wind blowing in my face, I'm trying to heel strike( ow ) count my breathing, with a snotty nose, (sorry tmi🙄) and jog!!!!😳😳😳 wow!!

    Really don't want to get injured because I'm kind of loving it, already😀

    Thanks for the advice❤️

  • Just a thought, should other newbies be warned about this ? If I hadn't asked and been reassured I might have carried on trying to heel strike😱 ( I trust you lot more than my sis😂😂😂) it was really painful and I'm sure I would have given up if that was the way I should be running😥

    Thanks to your brill advice I'll be back out there, running as I see fit👍😀


  • So glad I saw your post before I headed out for W2R1 this morning, as I knew to ignore Laura for that part. Got a bit confused about the breathing too. But I managed and I'm still alive so that's a plus lol ;) Hope the colds improved

  • Yes - I thought exactly the same! Pretty poor advice and I came home with an aching calf. I think I too will ignore it.

  • As you progress and spend more time running I beleive that it gets more important to land on your mid or fore foot. If you can get into the habit from the beginning all the better.

    Heel landing can lead to knee problems and could also be an indication that you are over striding and you foot is landing in front of you which again is not a good thing as it slows you down amonst other things.

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