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Learning to Run again W2

I went out for W2R1 this morning. I took a different route, and completely misjudged where to turn around. When Laura said "just one more run" I was taken by surprise! I ended up walking for an extra 15 minutes after the podcast finished. I'll have to get myself a watch! I found myself thinking "come on Laura, that must be 90 seconds!" A few times, but Laura soon chipped in to tell me to walk.

I'm full of doubts, I have to tell myself I can do it!

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I've done that too, there's no harm in walking a bit further for your warm down walk. I usually try and plan roughly where I'll be at the half way mark, and turn around there. Congrats on finishing week 1, keep going, you can do it!


Ha - when I was about the same stage I went out for a run and ended up two and a half miles from home! I'm fairly new to the area and don't drive and have no sense of direction, obviously.

I didn't feel it mattered as I had the extra exercise walking home afterwards - plenty of time to cool down.


W2R2 completed this evening. The air definitely seemed "less airy!" And I was glowing by the end. I did time my turn around to fit in with the podcast better, but to be honest a longer walk would have helped me cool down better probably! I've had a shower and I'm having a healthy bean lasagne with crunchy courgette side salad. Tasty! x


W2R3 completed, but rather belatedly...after a weekend away I lost my motivation and it took me til Saturday morning to force myself out again. It was grey and a rained shortly after I set off. My run was ok. Not sure I feel ready to tackle week 3 but I will give it a go! x


I finally did W2R3 on Saturday, about 10 days after the previous run. I am struggling to find the time or rather, make the time...

Hope to get out and do first run of week three tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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