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W2 R1 reflection and confession


I’m just in after completing W2 R1 and admit it wasn’t my best go. I struggled to find rhythm in a pace, be it the brisk walk or the running bits. I was constantly struggling to stay slow when running and then needing to remind myself to walk faster. It became a vicious cycle and left me feeling a bit uneasy. I think my issue is mainly mental as, being brutally honest, I was dreading increasing the run time and a bit fearful I couldn’t do it and would give up en route. At the end of week 1 I was worried I hadn’t mastered the 60 second run, it still felt like hard work during some of the run intervals. How could I possibly endure the additional time? I think this thought built up during my 2 rest days and left me less focused today. What I found in reality is despite my pacing problems, only once did I feel like the run was going on too long. I have to confess though, I don’t think I will ever be excited that I have more running in front of me when starting a new week. But I do love the feeling of completing this one run at a time.

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Ah you have those pesky little gremlins biting at your heels, dont worry we are all here to bat them away. You are doing great, you managed your run today, dont over think it. This has to be fun. The speed of walking/running isn't important and what is fast or slow for one person is different for the next, relax, go into the next day knowing you can do it and that the plan works be happy


Well done.

Try not to overthink it all.......relax and enjoy it.

This post about mental approach may help healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Make sure you can speak clear ungasping sentences as you run.......if you cannot, you are going too fast.

Thank you for this!


Instead of looking forwards (eg dreading a run, longer duration etc), try looking backwards at what you've accomplished so far and remember my own C25K mantra that I have dished out many times ...

... "every run that you've done prepares you for the next one".

In other words, take confidence from the knowledge that Week 1 prepares you for Week 2. Weeks 1 & 2 prepare you for Week 3, etc etc etc.

As for pace/rhythym, DiscoRunner and Japanese slow jogging are your friend ;-)

(This is like the Batman movies).

Either that, or search YouTube for "Quick steps: The running shuffle"


Good luck!

Snowgdss in reply to John_W

Thanks John! I like the thought of looking backward. Great advice!

Well done, you've progressed on to another new week. I've been saying lately that I feel that for me this challenge is 25% physical and 75% mental (and I'm certainly not physically fit!). When I get towards the end of a week I too start to get anxious about what I've got to do in the next week, so as preparation, on my very final run I try to extend the time to what I need to be able to do the following week (so my last run in week 1 I stretched it out to 90 seconds). By doing that it doesn't affect me finishing my current week and if I can manage the full extra distance, it gives me more confidence about what lies ahead. We are all different though, so what works for me may not work for you.

Snowgdss in reply to Alast

I really like this Alast- I am going to try to extend my final run so I can put it out of my head!

I take comfort from the myriads who have gone before me and the experts who have planned this schedule. The backup is that you repeat a week as you increase your heart, lung and limb strength - nothing huge to fearful of.

I'm at the exactly stage of C25K and am excited to be on the journey. While the last chunk of each 90 sec is difficult I persevere and run with the music, knowing that rest and recovery is coming. With tomorrow's recovery day I'll be stronger on Saturday.

I agree with what you are saying re: the plan. I’m not considering repeating a week, just finding my feet as I move forward. We are all starting from some place different to accomplish the same thing. I think it’s fantastic to know you can come to the forum and be able express how you are feeling and know you are supported by many others that feel or have felt as you do. Good luck on your journey! 🙂


I wouldn't worry too much. At this early stage things are still pretty unnatural and you are making unfamiliar demands on you body (and mind). As the plan progresses, pacing will become more natural. I found the constant change back and forth between running and walking quite disruptive in the early weeks and it was only when it got to the longer runs with fewer breaks and repetitions that I (figuratively) found my feet and it started to click into pace.

It is very easy to overthink at first and we've almost certainly all done it. I actually started doing mental arithmetic in my head along the lines of "if I can take 80 steps with my left foot in one minute, then in three minutes it'll be 240" and such like to distract me from thinking about my actual pace.

It does balance out eventually, and once you are running longer distances, you will probably find it easier as you become more aware of things like gradient, and adjust to it.

Keep going, the tough bit (believe it or not) is actually already behind you.

Snowgdss in reply to sTrongFuse

Thank you for such a supportive response. You’ve put it much more eloquently than I have. I do feel unnatural at the moment. I am also a big fan of mental arithmetic whilst I run. And I will keep your wise words in my head- thank you again!

Well done for getting this far. I absolutely get it. If I look at my pace on my Fitbit I'm getting slower, not quicker, and that can be demoralising, but as others have said concentrate on the positives and keep going. You're doing better than you give yourself credit for and you're not just sat on that couch x

Thank you- and a super well done to you! I really hate the feeling of looking at my fitbit as the data can be a let down. Keep going 😀


Try not to overthink it or look at the Fitbit if you can, just let the voice prompts tell you what to do and when. If you find your brain wandering off too far or fretting too much just count your steps to bring it back to focus.

The programme is amazing and will get you there, it really is far more of a mental battle and your own version of gremlins I can assure you don't want you back in control or off that sofa, they want to stay in control and will throw all kinds of doubts and odd thoughts at you.

I am sure you're going to come out on top 👍🏻😁

Snowgdss in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Awww thank you for your kind words. I do love the programme and completely agree- it is a mental battle more than a physical one! 😄


I was feeling pretty much the same when I was at this point and was advised to read the Negative......Positive Post that IannodaTruffe has recommended and it helped a lot.

I would just say to go out and try each run, taking it really slowly, and you will be surprised what you can achieve 😁

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