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W2 R1


thats 1 down 2 to go :) hmmm not sure about this running and breathing malarky that Laura says we should try , i am a bloke we dont do multitasking haha

I must be getting fitter 90 secs doesnt seem that long now :) and 30 mins just flies by :)

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Well done. Sounds like you are doing great. I never managed Laura's breathing technique either. Maybe I'm the lone non multitasking girlie ;-)

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Thp42

haha Thp :D thanks , seems alot have had the same problem but have survived :)


I never mastered that breathing either - as long as I am still breathing I am quite happy. You will find your own rhythm I am sure. Well done on getting to this stage

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to mossy1

Thanks Mossy :)


Hey well done , not sure any of us got on with that technique - I just huff away ! :)

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Ejbirdy

thanks :) with you on the huffing and a puffing

Whenever I think about breathing, I suddenly feel out of breath. Keep on doing what you're doing, and if breathing becomes a problem, worry about it then!

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

Thanks, if i dont post again, worry then :)

Hidden in reply to useitorloseit

Ha ha! That is so true. You do immediately feel out of breath once you focus on it. Well I do!

Congrats! I am the same as UIOLI. Yesterday I did W2R1 and when I tried the breathing thing I felt out of breath. I'm sticking to my dodgy panting for a bit longer. I'm also not doing the heel down first technique as that is agony. Feels naughty to disobey Laura!

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to LalaEghiz

Thanks and congrats to you also :) i didnt think about that had enough trouble breathing and running lol hope rest of week goes well


Well done on W2R1 :D...running/breathing/heel firsting advice...none of Laura's wise words go in whilst I'm gasping for breath and aching!! Big smiles when it's all over though


Thanks Tizi :) i would jump for joy but no energy after haha


Another non multi tasking female here, there are a lot of us about! Like you, did W2R1 last night and apart from the first run when I went too fast, didn't find it too bad. However, Think I'm going to have to get a T shirt printed saying I'm not talking to myself I'm talking to Laura as people must think I'm mad saying things like goodbye see you Thursday etc.

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Jo55

Hi Jo haha I hadnt thought about that. 2nd you can still talk after your runs??

2nd run for me tomorrow after work. Good luck with yours.


Ok ok, gasp lol


:D lol knew it ;)

I totally understand! There I was trying to breathe, count and not fall in a gert massive hole!!!! I find it easier if I just let the lungs do there thing at the moment.


Ha ha! I couldn't get on with that breathing malarkey either - nearly hyperventilated! Or the timing of the steps - nearly fell over on that one! The advice on here seems to be breathe normally- I find that easier! Well done on your running. Good luck.

The worst thing ever about yesterday’s run was that I was clearly suffering with hypoxia, there/their!!!!! Oh the living shame. 😫😫😫

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