Week 9 completed

Yippee, I have just completed week 9.

I knew I would do it, my family are thrilled to bits as well. To all of you doing Couch25k at the moment, stick with it, if I can do it, you can do it too.

A big thank you to fellow runners/joggers on this forum for all your words of wisdom, encouragement and support, you are all amazing.

I have posted on the graduation board and I am awaiting my badge, very proud of my achievement xxx


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  • Whoop whoop! well done you!!

    I do Run 1 for week 9 tonight and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about finishing. I like the structure of the programme. Think I'll graduate then run 'week 9' continually! LOL

  • Thanks Phoenix, it feels wonderful to achieve 30 minutes of jogging non-stop (4.3 mph). I will continue week 9 and hopefully speed up in time and maybe pluck up the courage to do a park run.

    Good luck with your final week, I look forward to seeing you graduate xx

  • Ahhh thanks! My theory is if I run 30 minutes enough times then eventually I should reach 5K! We'll see!

  • That's fantastic, welcome to the grads lounge!

  • Thanks Curly, so glad that I made it to grads lounge without injury or illness. It has been a fantastic programme, and made me believe in myself a bit more xx

  • Well done - fantastic achievement. What are you planning to do next? (I'm pinching other people's ideas!).

  • Hi, I want to carry on week 9 and gradually increase distance and speed. I would love to do a park run in the future, but at the moment I am not running 5k, so I aim to run non stop for 45 minutes and that should be enough to cover 3.1 miles. Once I achieve that I will sign up for a park run for charity xx

  • When I graduated, I tried to go straight on to a 10k programme but had to stop due to my legs telling me off! Settled into 3 X 30 mins per week, then one day just wanted to run for longer, so kept going for 5k in 43 mins! Then I started doing 3 X 5k a week, did this for many weeks as it was a real challenge. I just see how I feel on a run, how my legs are doing, recovery and then if I want to, I go a little bit further

  • Yeay..whoo hooo. Go you GRADUATE!!!

    You totally did it.. so proud for you... well done :)

    You keep posting your next adventures too ?:)

  • Good morning Oldfloss, thank you for all your kind words and support through out this journey, you're truly wonderful.

    I will aim to build distance gradually, and when I am confident in running non stop for 5k I will do my first park run, I certainly won't be the fastest!

    I feel over the moon at the moment, and it is a wonderful feeling when you achieve something that you never thought was possible xxx

  • Fantastic! Well done. You know it is a real achievement, now go out and treat yourself.

  • Hi boptillyoudrop, thanks for your kind comments.

    I have ordered 4 pairs of capri pants, but in a smaller size, I have now lost over 4 inches from my waist, now under 27 inches, yippee!! Hopefully they will fit over my hips, ha ha.

    Now to treat myself to some new trainers xx

  • Congratulations diamond girl. :) :)

    The graduation run is special, you feel so thrilled with yourself, and rightly so.

    Carry on your running journey and let us know where it takes you.. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

    Whoop whoop.

  • Thanks Jan, I am currently looking at the different pod casts on couch25k, need to build my stamina as well as speed. Looking forward to it though, it will be another challenge, and another achievement xx

  • I like stepping stones x

  • Yes, I have downloaded that one for Saturday's run, I can't wait to start it xx

  • Fantastic, well done you. Very proud moment :) xxxx

  • Awww thanks Vicky. I can't believe how quickly the weeks have passed by, and to think how I struggled in the beginning, but I've got there and graduated.

    Now on to the stepping stones programme,

    How are you doing with your running? xx

  • You must be over the moon!! Yes good managed w2r1 last night so onwards & upwards at my snail pace lol xx

  • Fantastic feeling, a bit like after my stroke, when I learnt how to walk and talk again.

    My running speed is a measly 4.3 mph, you are probably running a lot faster than me.

    How did you find you run last night?

  • You are simply amazing seriously!! To go through what you did & now this I'm in awe!!

    I use an app called mapometer so it basically calculates the full route, mins, speed etc so with the snail pace running & walking it's at 3.6mph for the 30 minutes so rubbish really lol. I've just been diagnosed with vasovagal syncope & have an implant in my chest now so I'm just worried about having an 'episode' whilst I'm out really so taking it VERY steady xx

  • I have just had to google Vasovagal Syncope, I have never heard of it. Do you faint very often?

    I can understand how you feel, anxious when you go out in case you have another episode.

    When I used to take the dog out for a walk after my stroke, I used to text my hubby where I was going and text him when I got back home, I was so worried I would have another event and not be found.

    Thankfully I have overcome that now, and enjoy taking my dogs out without worrying, ha ha

  • That's really good.

    It's not a well known illness & ive been misdiagnosed since I was 16. I faint but I have a seizure too & was out for 9 mins last time. Luckily I was with my colleagues, not so luckily it was my work Xmas night out haha. The monitor is an internal ECG as my consultant thinks my heart stops when I faint so it records my heart & sends readings to the hospital each night. I may have to have a pacemaker if they find it does stop at all. I haven't had an episode since Dec. It's scary because although I carry a medical ID no one really knows what it is xx

  • Bless you, it must be frightening. I presume you tell your husband the route you have planned just in case of an episode. Are you allowed to drive? I am allowed to, DVLA aware- no restrictions, but I hate driving since my stroke, and the first time since Xmas I have used my car, to pop to the post office haha.

  • Yes I took him round it the week before I started c25k but I have warning signs so as long as I can get my feet raised I can stop it & ring him. I can drive as its not related to epilepsy same as you dvla aware but no restrictions. I have to drive to & from work as I live in Sheffield but work in Chesterfield so it's a good job really. If I'm having an off day I don't drive. It's an exhausting illness just totally takes it out if you. Glad you're driving, it's a lifeline xxx

  • I have visions of you lying on the pavement with your legs in the air waiting for hubby to turn up haha.

    We used to live in Penistone, S. Yorks and moved down to Shropshire in 2014.

    Really miss Yorkshire, Shropshire is lovely and we are near Ironbridge, which has beautiful walks near the River Severn xx

  • That sounds beautiful :0 I am a proper Yorkshire lass but love the countryside. It's just on the doorstep as you know but we rarely take advantage of that which is such a shame. Bakewell is our little piece of heaven, we love it there.

    Haha I don't need to go to legs in the air extremes lol just head between the knees if I'm out but thankfully (& touch wood) I've not needed to yet!! As long as my feet are a touch higher than my head the blood can get to my heart & brain. If I was out & there was a bench I'd lie on that with my feet on the arms so I have all these scenarios in my head which hopefully won't happen.

    It's definitely scary when you've been relatively healthy all your life then you are told you have a disability. Especially when most people don't know or understand it. Even the airline are being really funny about me flying on the holidays I have booked, it's very stressful. You must feel similar after having the stroke xx

  • It is a little scary when you think you've been relatively healthy all your life. I can't stand going to hospital, doctors because they find out what's wrong with you lol.

    My stroke happened after I had been to visits my parents in Somerset, basically been in the car for 6 hours without stopping on the way home, as kids were fine. Next day I dug over the borders of the garden feeling fit as a fiddle and the day after had the stroke.

    On the Sunday I got up to let the dog out (used to puppy walk Guide Dogs) put the kettle on, and right arm flopped, then right leg went, flashing lights, so I thought it was a bad migraine, managed to crawl upstairs to wake hubby up, he started laughing as I was speaking gobbledygook.

    Ended up in Barnsley General for a week, then 6 weeks in a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, undergoing numerous tests for brain tumour, MS, heart problems and if I was on the pill they would probably have blamed that.

    After another event 4 months later, and various other tests, they found that I have a hole in my heart. They seem to think I had a DVT and a small clot passed through the hole in my heart and up to my brain causing the stroke.

    I don't look at myself as a stroke victim, but as a survivor, and I try to lead a full and active life where possible.

    It can be quite frustrating at times, when I can't get my words out properly, haven't got the name for objects ( can be quite comical ) and writing emails take forever due to cognitive impairment.

    We don't go abroad, we prefer to holiday in the UK, so we haven't got all the stress that goes with flying. In fact last year I won 2K travel vouchers, so booked 2 weeks in a cottage in Richmond, N.Yorks for this Easter, it sleeps 10 but it's only us and the 3 lads going, can't wait.

    Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend? Sledging, snowball fights? Did you get much snow?

  • So sorry I missed this reply :(

    Oh love that sounds so scary. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I can't imagine how scared you must have been. Are you completely recovered now? It must have been really hard especially having children at home, bet they & your Hubby were worried sick :(

    I love going abroad but I love the UK & Scotland too, a cottage in North Yorkshire sounds beautiful!! Got a week in Lanzarote with my Mum in May then Ibiza for 10 nights with Fiancรฉ & daughter in October so really looking forward to that.

    We've also decided to take up camping (Arrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh) lol & are supposed to be having our first camping trip at the end of may for the bank holiday but nothing booked as yet. haven't even had the tent out of the box so that could be fun!!

    Thank fully the snow missed us this weekend, think the Pennines saved us again :) Decorated our bedroom from scratch, omg did I hurt & ache. Every piece of me was in pain come Saturday night hahaha

    How was your weekend? xx

  • Sorry Vicky for not replying sooner. Saturday morning I tried the stepping stones podcast, never again. I only managed 1 minute at 6mph, by little legs were going flat out, dropped it down to 5mph and done my own thing. Took dogs out for a 7 mile walk, and think I overdone things (walked 7 miles Friday as well) and had no energy Sunday and Monday.

    Felt better today, so tried some HIIT worksouts on treadmill, 30 seconds @ 6mph and then 1 minute walk @3.8mph, repeated 10 times and felt great afterwards.

    Hope that you enjoy your first camping trip in May, have you never camped before? We have 4 tents, one is a Kyham quick erect which is fantastic, hubby puts it up on his own.

    We bought a brand new caravan in 2011, but have only used it once since we moved down here, but now we're settled we will use it more often.

    Where are you planning to go?

  • Bloody hell don't be overdoing it!! I'm tired just reading that lol. Not looked at stepping stones, I've not actually thought past graduating!!

    Well we've actually decided today that we're going to sell all the camping gear we've bought grrrrrrr. We just can't find time to book any weekends in for camping. We love abroad so they take up most of our holiday time at work plus we go away every second weekend ish visiting friends & family so had a long chat & we're just not going to be able to find time. We have a Royal Tucson 4 man tent, it's very pretty haha. Gonna have to sell it somehow now ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–

    We absolutely love caravans. Want to buy our own one day but that will be a way off yet ๐Ÿ˜ฉ We'd live in one if we could haha.

    You're very lucky, we'd be in it every weekend if we had one. Get yourself off!! Lol xx

  • We love camping/caravanning, especially when we have the weather. The caravan was a spur of the moment thing, but it is lovely to have a comfy bed and all the luxuries haha.

    Still hanging onto all our camping gear, a huge trailer full (glad we have a double garage) might come in handy if the kids get into it. They would probably want to borrow the caravan!

    Have you got any more decorating to do, or was it just your bedroom?

    We have just knocked out a huge brick fireplace , and are currently waiting for a plasterer to skim the front and back room, then we can decorate and replace the carpets.

    I can't wait to get out into the garden and dig out a couple of ponds and finish the planting. I could potter all day in the garden as long as it is warm xx

  • Yey! Well done you!

  • Hi mudrunner, a proud moment indeed for both of us. Good luck for your running in the future xx

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel very proud - now to plan lots of lovely running adventures ahead.

  • Hi Ullyrunner, I am buzzing at the moment and looking forward to bigger and better things. This is just the start of an amazing journey xx

  • Awesome! Like your badge ;) Very well done for completing the program and becoming a fully fledged graduate, it's amazing! Enjoy your free running now :)

  • Hi Running-scared, thanks for your lovely reply. This program is amazing, I can't wait to start stepping stones on Saturday. xx

  • Really well done :) you should be mighty proud of yourself :D

  • Hi Slow_rob, it is a truly wonderful feeling when you achieve your goal, graduation. I am very proud of myself and of others who have graduated, and also for the people still progressing through this programme xx

  • Fantastic ! Many Congratulations to you Diamond Girl on your Graduation !!

    What an amazing achievement, and the badge really suits you :-)

    Well done to you and I hope you love wherever your running takes you from here xxx

  • Good evening poppypug, thanks for your kind comments. I am so glad I found couch25k, as well as this fantastic forum, everyone is so friendly xx

  • Absolutely brilliant...and so much more running to look forward to!

  • Hi boogie99, thanks for you reply, i'm looking forward to starting stepping stones on Saturday xx

  • Brilliant ! Congratulations on your graduation and may you have many running adventures ! x

  • Hi Girlyswot, it does feel brilliant, but this is only the beginning, and I am looking forward improving my running and embarking on park runs etc. xx

  • Congratulations on your shiny new badge. Feels good graduating doesn't it. Very well done.

    Lots of fun free running to look forward to now.

  • Thanks Big-Andy, it does feel good graduating, such an achievement for many people.

    I am enjoying this journey of a new and fitter me, 23 lbs weightloss so far this year and an added bonus of being able to run for 30 minutes nonstop. Onwards and upwards xxx

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