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week 9 /run 3 completed!!!

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Hello all

so will someone please explain how a man who turned fifty at Christmas, smokes 20 a day, watches the tv every minute of the day, managed to get up off the chair and follow through on this plan!

I have just completed my final run of this program. I never thought I would get this far... I have logged every triumph and failure, what I have noticed is my distance hasn't improved that much over the weeks and the reason for that is when I was doing the shorter runs I could go faster, but I did it on purpose to go slower for the longer runs so I would finish them.

The details for the last run of 30 minutes, I covered a distance of 1.38 miles/ 2.2 kilometres. I felt at the end I could have gone on a bit longer, but I thought that is what I will do on week10/ run1.

To anyone who is just starting or struggling, my only suggestion is go slower. I would like to thank all the other members who have supplied advice/suggestions/ support etc who have kept me going.

So thank you again for the program and good luck to all who are still going!


21 Replies
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Congratulations! Claim your graduate badge and tell us what might be next for you... sounds as though it will extending your distance?

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Well done, amazing achievement. You're an inspiration :-)

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Brilliant - well done! Slow is good. Speed can come later :)

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Yay! Well done! Bask in that glory, you worked hard for it. What's next on the running menu?

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Congratulations! The addiction creeps up on you doesn't it? Make sure you get your Graduation Badge :)

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Come on the Stephen, where's your Graduate badge?

Well done for this amazing accomplishment. Now tell everybody that you know all about this C25K program, and (as the website says) Fetch Everyone!

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Congratulations! Enjoy your future running!

Make sure you get that graduation badge! ☺

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Well done nice work!! 😁

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ooooh, all of a sudden I have the badge!!!

Now what to do next. I want to stick to 30 minutes, but improve my speed/distance. I have downloaded the podcasts and listened to them but they seem a bit quicker than I am currently able to run?

Not sure what to do!


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Steve_LGraduate in reply to sbrown1264

Experiment with your pace. I've found that it's not just about speed, but rhythm too, and there are some tempos that just feel more comfortable than others. Bear in mind that you need to have been running for five or ten minutes before you can properly judge how comfortable a particular pace is.

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c4tsGraduate in reply to sbrown1264

Well down Stephen - just take the extra Podcasts gently - I struggled with them for ages after graduation. Only really tended to use Speed - and still do as I love that it is just a short 21 mins but if I do not do it regularly it stills feels like an absolutely killer.

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Congratulations on graduating you must feel real proud of your achievement. I think time running is the key factor, speed and distance will come, take it slowly until you feel you are ready to step it up a little. The important thing is to enjoy it.

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Congratulations! I hope you feel very proud. Keep going!

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well done!

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We'll done, that's brilliant! 🎉🎉🎉

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Many congratulations Stephen. You should feel very proud of yourself. Now the fun bit starts and you can run any time, anywhere just because you can!

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Oooh you got your badge ! :-)

Well done Stephen, many Congratulations on your Graduation.

The worlds yer lobster from here .

I hope you enjoy wherever your running takes you :-) xxx

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Congratulations graduate :) now push on to C25k+ it's a great stepping stone and I can vouch for that. I've been running 18 weeks now and I'm up to 10K so keep up the good work :) J

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Well done, it's awesome isn't it ?

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Well done and congrats stephen.

Time to give up the ciggies now? 6 months since I quit and feel so much better for it.

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Congratulations. Great achievement. I'd recommend a few relaxed runs in a pretty location if possible before focusing on speeding up. I found that simply relaxing more in the runs post graduation speeded me up ;)

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