Week 9 completed - GRADUATED :)

Week 9 completed - GRADUATED :)


I can't believe I've just wrote that but I have, I really have and it feels great :)

Nine weeks ago I started my C25K journey not really knowing what lay ahead. I 'only' wanted to get a bit fitter and maybe lose a few pounds.

Little did I know just how much of an impact the C25K programme would have on me. For example, I was looking forward to each run (ok, with apprehension most of the time!), I found myself longing to get home from work on 'run days', wishing away the rest days just so that I could get running again, being chuffed to bits after each run I completed and even more so after each week completed, feeling better in myself, sleeping better, having more energy, being less stressed, more content, more relaxed. I had no idea that all this would be achieved from a nine week running programme! It's only now, having Graduated (lol, yes Paul, you have graduated and you can say that now:) ) that I can really appreciate just how amazing these last nine weeks have really been. Thank you C25K :)

I would also like to thank the members of this forum for being supportive and offering encouragement and advice throughout my journey. I would also like to thank those members who have sent me Private Messages over the last couple of weeks. I really did appreciate you taking the time to do so and it meant a lot. Thank you :)

Anyway, it's not all good news. Yes, I Graduated today and yes I ran a distance of 5K but, and I was quite disappointed initially but not so much now, I didn't reach my goal of completing the 5K in 30 minutes. Unfortunately it took me 34 min 37 sec to run non-stop for 5K. As I say, I was gutted at first especially as I had ran 4.2K in 28 min on r3 of w8 at a pace of 9km/h! For some reason I didn't feel 100% today. Well, I could list a good three reasons why I think this to be the case but I won't as it would just sound like I was making excuses ;) However, it now gives me a time to beat and to be honest, it's not a bad time for an awld git like me :)

Thank you C25K and thank you fellow members :) Good luck to everyone working their way through their own journey with C25K. Believe in the programme and believe in yourself and you too will be graduating before you know it.

PS I know I'm looking a bit bedraggled on the photo and that my face is almost the same colour as my new Graduation T-shirt but who cares :)

Regards, Paul ;)

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92 Replies

  • Well done Paul ! You deserve your badge solely for running in this heat ! Hope you enjoy the rest of your running adventures , Congratulations ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you. I'm quite liking the look of my new badge :)

  • Congratulations! Now you have a challenge post graduation to get 5k in 30mins so I'd see it as a good thing not a bad thing you missed it today :)

  • Thank you. That's the way I'm looking at it, too ;)

  • Well done Paul.

  • Thank you ;)

  • Very very well done Paul, that's a great achievement. The 30 min 5 k will come for you soon enough I'm certain, but in the meantime, enjoy your success and your brand new graduate status. Congratulations :)

  • Thank you. At least I've got something to aim for ;)

  • Well done! Your time is still brilliant! I am planning to go on to the C25k+ podcasts now to improve my speed so perhaps that's something you can focus on now? It sounds as though you'll do the time you want soon though, especially as you said you weren't 100% today. Welcome fellow graduate!

  • Thank you. I haven't really been looking further past completing the c25k but obviously I'll have to now ;) The c25+ is something I'll be looking at.

  • You did post! Great! I like the t shirt ... it was hot today though and that makes running hard I think. You'll definitely get there I reckon.

    What next? 10k?

  • Lol, yes I did ;) thanks :) Not sure yet, I want to do a few park runs and possibly work on reaching my 30 min goal and then, maybe a 10k ;)?

  • Thats a great graduation time Paul ! Congratulations , you have done it you have got the t shirt , well done

  • Thank you and yes, I have done it and got the t-shirt and it feels good :),

  • B R A V O !

    Never doubted you would do it. And it is a very good time!

    And you still have a challenge to complete.....

    Happy running!

  • Thank you. I am looking forward to working on achieving the 30 minutes ;)

  • Congratulations Paul! That's a cracking graduation time - can't believe you felt disappointed even for a moment!

    Now let the real running adventure begin!

  • Thank you. I know, I shouldn't be too hard on myself considering I hadn't run for a while :)

  • Hello Paul. Congratulations on graduating!!! Well you have a definite goal to work for, don't be disappointed just think where you started from. So will you be getting your garmin now as a graduation present?

  • Thank you. You're right of course, it's only been 9 weeks and I've achieved so much. As for the Garmin, yes, I'm going to be ordering one as soon as I've finished thanking people here ;)

  • Let us know which one you have decided on. A new almost on the way very exciting!!!

  • I've gone for the Garnin Forerunner 620 as I love stats ;)

  • Great choice!!! You will love it I am sure.

  • Looking forward to getting my hands on it :)

  • Congratulations for graduating Paul - thats a great time awld git or not! And as you say, it does give you a time to beat, which I'm sure you will. Now go and put your feet up and celebrate - hopefully this is only the beginning!

  • Thank you. Feet already up but not enough energy at the moment for celebrating ;)

  • Well done Paul, now the best bit begins, you can run when and where you like, with no time limits or Laura, you can do a quick "feel better " run , a long leisurely run, your choice, and the freedom is great, happy running my friend

  • Thank you and you're right and it's something I'm really looking forward to doing. My first few runs post graduation are going to be 'no pressure' runs. I'm going to plan a route locally of between 3 and 5k and run at a nice casual pace, just because I can ;)

  • Very, very well done :) many congratulations :) you managed 3, not 1 but 3 30 minute runs :) that is amazing :) stop being hard on yourself for taking a few minutes longer to cover 5km :)

  • Thank you and I will ;)

  • Well done! You and I have crossed paths several times on the c25k journey, tho life & granddaughters have slowed me down a bit I'm about to do my wk6r3 next week! I think you, like me, have done most of our work on the treadmill & I'm still facing the mental challenge of running comfortably outdoors . Am

    With gdaughters 3&4 at the mo so will attempt wk5r2 in local park Tomorrow as I quite liked that one and really want love the great outdoors! Wish me luck & congrats to you

  • Thank you and wishing you all the luck in the world ;) What a great way to do your w5r2 with your two granddaughters. I'm sure you'll all have fun :)

  • Lol, thank you KK. Did I say I was 21? Must have been a slip of the tongue or wishful thinking ;) Yes, it does feel bl**dy fantastic to get my badge :)

  • Hi Buddy, really well done! Congratulations. You've been really active on this site and inspiring to all us runners behind you. A well-deserved graduate.

    Main question is... once you've hit 30mins/5k, what are you going to do next?

  • Thanks, MarkyMark, very kind of you to say. As to what I'll do after I reach a 30min 5k, well, not too sure if I'm honest. I think I'd like to look at training for a 10k as there's a local 10k road race which literally passes within yards of my home.

  • Very well done to you Paul! Many congratulations!!!

    I just checked in to see if you'd done your last run already and yay, there's your badge!

    Personally i think you were FLYING and 4 mins 37 seconds is not a good enough reason to spoil your delight and sense of achievement!

    Looking forward to see what you get up to next! You and your much-deserved, shiny new Garmin, when it gets to you!

    Cool Runnings in your snazzy Tee!

  • Lol. Thanks so much ;) I do like the new badge I must say :) New agar in ordered as a Graduation present to myself :)

  • Paul!

    Very very well done; you're rockin' the Graduate t-shirt brilliantly and it's very well deserved, as is the shiny shiny Graduate badge!

    Brilliant stuff and don't feel disappointed, at all; you did really great and should be so proud of your achievement!

    No feeling disappointed, it's not allowed!

    WELL DONE! :-)

  • Lol, thanks buddy ;) Not feeling disappointed anymore, how could I after all the great replies I've had ;)

  • Well done paul. Congratulations! Yes, do the c25k plus podcasts and keep mixing them up and they will do you good. I do them a lot

  • Thank you, I've had a quick look at the c25k+ and it seems they are the way to go. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Well done! Running 5km as your graduation run is pretty impressive! Enjoy the glow of achievement.

  • Thank you. Glow of achievement being well and truely enjoyed ;)

  • Happy dance and sings "congratulations"..Slightly off key!!! Really pleased for you Paul...you have worked hard to complete

    the C25k and deserve your success.The 5k inside 30 minutes will be achieved...onwards and upwards :-)

  • Slightly off key or not, thank you ;)

  • Goal One- complete NHS C25k......tick. Well done Paul, we all know from your attitude that running has really gripped you, like most of us. Hard luck on the sub 30min, but you will get there, I know. Some targets just take a bit more working for and are so much more satisfying when you achieve them. Parkrun will get you running at peak level and draw you closer to the next target and is a brilliant example of people power.

    Best of luck with your future running.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you. I agree, the sub 30min will now be that much more sweeter and I'm looking forward to my first park run ;)

  • Congratulations Paul. Very well done.

  • Thank you, Beth :)

  • thats great news paul! congratulations! :) keep on posting, look forward to reading what you do next.... it takes a while to get used to the freedom of the open road without laura every time!

  • Thank you. I can imagine it'll be a bit strange without Laura. I'll prob be continuing with the c25k+ but I'm not sure if Laura is on those or not.

  • Well done

  • Thank you ;)

  • Hi Paul, congratulations!!!!All the best for your next goal, the 30 mins! Enjoy your Garmin, I saw it in Google, it is a beauty! I hope you will post the statistics, and you will let us know how will you do your B210K plan, I´m 1 week behind you, so I´m very interested in the post graduation work, I think I will try the Bupa plan, but hope to see your experience first!!

    Best regards

  • Thank you, Ana :) Not sure when I'll start my 10k training as I want to spend the next couple of weeks running outdoors without worrying about times etc before then having a go at my first park run. I'll also probably work on the c25k+ podcasts and try to get to the sub 30 minute goal. Maybe then I'll start looking at a 10k. Good luck with your last week of the c25k and and looking forward to reading about your Graduation run :)

  • Congratulations!! Feels great doesn't it? Looking forward to hearing your continuing journey and thank you also for your support on here too. That sub 30 is just waiting for another day soon. Keep it fun and wishing you all the best!

  • Thank you, Carole :) It certainly does feel great.

  • Congratulations Paul! Good luck with your future runs :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done Paul, I love your Graduation t-shirt....it's looking good on you. I have just returned from my last run.....so I too am a Graduate. Cheers to many more runs.

  • Thank you and congratulations on your Graduation. Feels good doesn't it ;)

  • Well done paul. A fantstic acheivement and one that is well deserved. Its been great following your progress and I do hope you keep up the running.

    Set youself some new targets. Keep pushing onwards and wear that t-shirt with pride. It has been well earned!!!

    Congrats once again

  • Thank you so much. I fully intend to keep on running and setting new goals. It's too much fun to give up now :)

  • Brilliant job and fantastic time, well done! Get along to your nearest Parkrun without delay , you are going to love them! You will be breaking that 30 mins before you know it - not that times really matter. 30 mins is a dream goal for me, but after 50+ years of inactivity, the fact that I am out there running at all is just amazing!

  • Brilliant job and fantastic time, well done! Get along to your nearest Parkrun without delay , you are going to love them! You will be breaking that 30 mins before you know it - not that times really matter. 30 mins is a dream goal for me, but after 50+ years of inactivity, the fact that I am out there running at all is just amazing!

  • Thank you. I'm already signed up for Park Run and hope to be running my first one in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to it :)

  • Brilliant stuff, Paul! A fantastic post and I think you have summed up what c25k has done for many of us. I love the T shirt, and please don't be despondent with the time, you running career has just started! :)

  • Thank you, treemouse :) Do you like how my red face matches the shirt ;)

  • congratulations and good luck for your future running

  • Thank you :)

  • Congratulations Paul - well earned shirt there mate! I've really enjoyed your posts throughout C25K and I eagerly await your post-graduation updates and the fun and games you'll be sure to have with the 620! You've earned it... I love the fact that you are "feeling better in myself, sleeping better, having more energy, being less stressed, more content, more relaxed"... I have found similar benefits beside the fitness in C25K and my only wish is that I'd done it earlier... on the plus side, we're now "veterans" in age-grading... :) hahaha...

    I have no doubt you'll nail your personal goal on 5K timings on a Parkrun. I know that I haven't been able to go as fast since then so there's definitely something in "running with others" that'll spur you on...

    Well done Paul - keep us updated on your post-grad runs - no stopping you now!

  • Thanks, Aussie :) I'm looking forward to playing with the 620 ;) As for being 'veterans' in the age grading, that sounds fine to me, need all the help I can get :) Interesting to read your experience with the park run. Thanks for sharing.

  • Just don't take off too quick with the front runners - those guys are crazy! :)

  • Haha. No chance of that ;)

  • Congratulations Paul! You did it! That's a pretty good time actually so don't feel disappointed, and the sub-30 5k will definitely come soon with putting in a few more miles (it did for me) - it's something to work towards. I found mixing up runs – doing longer distances more slowly, speed intervals – really helped me get faster. Keep on posting your progress!

  • Thanks TT and thanks for the tips. I'll certainly look into mixing up my runs :)

  • Congratulations and well done! Lovely post and very inspiring, enjoy your running :) (sorry my congrats are rather late, computer problems galore recently)

  • Thank you and I hope your computer problems are sorted :)

  • Congratulations Paul, and thank you (and everyone) for the support you gave me along the way.

    Isn't it funny how we all started this thinking "bet I can never run for 30 mins at a stretch" and now here we all are assuring each other "it's OK - we'll do it faster/longer/better in time". How things change! How we've all changed - and better still, our aspirations and belief in ourselves has changed... C25K rules!!!

  • Thank you :) What you say is so true. Just shows that c25k works :)

  • Congratulations paul2014 and very well done! I would be very pleased with 34.37, that is a great achievement! :)

  • Thank you :) I was pleased with the time once is gotten over the slight disappointment of not completing it in 30 minutes ;)

  • Hi Paul- I've been away and missed your graduation post- nothing stands still on this forum! So well done, that is fantastic, a great time, and parkruns to look forward to amongst other things! Happy running :-D x

  • Thank you :) Hoping to do a park run next weekend :)

  • Well done

  • Thanks ;)

  • Well done - I graduated today as well x

  • Woohoo you did it! Congrats on graduating, having only completed my first week; I cant imagine getting as far as half way let alone to graduation. However, you have given me something to aspire to, so thank you. Enjoy your warm glow x

  • Hi kitty_kat :) Thanks. I'm glad the post had inspired you :) You will get there, don't worry. It passes very quickly and before you know it you'll be graduating, too. Keep us all updated on your progress. Good luck :)

  • Hi kitty_kat :) Thanks. I'm glad the post had inspired you :) You will get there, don't worry. It passes very quickly and before you know it you'll be graduating, too. Keep us all updated on your progress. Good luck :)

  • Inspirational words Paul, for those, like me, just at the beginning of this adventure. Thanks for writing them, and hearty congratulations on your graduation!

  • Thanks, Pugwash :) Good luck on your c25k journey and look forward to reading all about it ;)

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