Week 5 Run 2

I did it! The one thing that was bothering me last week was the drying of my mouth and throat in hot weather. I got over it by

1. Jogging along with a water bottle

2. Slowing down! I was finding it very difficult when I started on Week 4, especially with the weather and drying of the mouth, and blogged about it. Most people suggested that I should slow down and not worrying about speed. I realized that I have been ignoring Laura all along!

This really helped me complete the next few runs. I would love to say that I completed the W5R2 comfortably. Well, what happened was that almost as soon as I started on the second 8 mins, I started waiting for Laura to say that I was half way thru! I guess this put pressure on me - I almost thought I was not going to make it. Well, all's well that ends well...

I cheated(!) a bit in the first run though. After completing around 6 mins of the first 8 mins, I changed the route to avoid a fairly steep ramp in my regular route. This helped me complete the last 2 mins and take the ramp during my walk. I am not sure how I am going to handle this in W5R3 though. I guess I will worry about it when I start on it!!

I really appreciate the support that this forum provides. I was going thru how people managed W5R3. Someone said that it is very similar to W5R2, except that you replace the 5 mins walk with a 4 min run . One min less - how about that! Well, I am looking at it exactly that way and keeping my fingers crossed for the big day!


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11 Replies

  • Well done! Avoiding hills is NOT CHEATING! It's just sensible. :) You can play with hills later - unless you really want to try them now, in which case, go for it! But don't expect to go up them at the same pace as the flat.

    Enjoy the next run - just keep going and then enjoy the whoosh of excitement at the end - nothing to beat that, not even graduation!

    I can't imagine running in heat (about zero here today, with icy wind, and I still end up hot at the end, even when not going full pelt). Maybe one day I'll get to find out if I can do it!

  • I personally think its more difficult in the cold. In the heat, it can be exhausting but you don't get that burning sensation in your throat from the cold (happened when I lived in the UK) and I find it's easier to force yourself out of the door when the sun is shining! It's going to be a test here in the summer though given its 30+ already ;-)

  • Thanks. It will be very difficult to get me out of bed if the weather is about zero! The sub-tropical weather (in India) is much better.

  • I completed Run 3 also. BTW, I didn't cheat this time, continued on the hilly terrain instead of taking the diversion. Thanks!

  • Well done. I'm out for w5r3 tomorrow and didnt find w5r2 the easiest so interested to see how tomorrow goes. I live in the Middle East so also running in heat. I couldn't do it without a bottle of water. Here's to our next runs! 20 min ones at that. Good luck!

  • Thanks! Best of luck.. BTW, I am doing it way after my 30 ;)

  • Good on you! I had a very nasty foot injury last year meaning I have only recently been able to do any exercise exercise at all! I'm determined though ;-)

  • Hey, completed my Run 3!

  • I agree, avoiding hills is not cheating. I have blogged about lack of speed but it has now got through to me that at the moment it is about running for a certain amount of time. I think that must apply to hills too. Once we have completed C25k (I am at the same stage as you) we can build on speed distance and hills!

  • jonut, best of luck to you too! I guess most of us in Week 5 are desperately looking for some inspiration and support from the forum..

  • jonut, I completed my Run 3 - the full 20 mins. Thanks!

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