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Week 5, Run 2

Hi all, I hope everyone’s journeys are going well!

I’ve haven’t been for a run in ages - a new baby and Christmas has ruined me! I went out tonight though for my Week 5, Run 2 and although I’ve had some time off it felt really good - I was worried I would struggle, I started off too fast but once I got into a steady pace it was well!

I am nervous about my next run though, it’s a big one and I keep thinking I won’t be able to do it. I’ll have to see how it goes so let’s hope it goes well!

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Ah Wk5 R3 - it's a milestone for us all! But seriously just think about how far you've come (especially given everything else you seem to be juggling too), believe you can do it and honestly you will. I graduated back in November but I still look back to Wk 5 as a highlight. Weeks 4-6 are the real wonder weeks when your body makes amazing strides and it all starts to become a mental rather than physical challenge.

You will do this and you'll feel amazing - look forward to reading all about it!

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I’m at the exact same stage, well done on doing Run 2. But I’m sure we’ll both be fine for run 3 just don’t overthink it, your body is already prepared for it :)


I was suitably amazed till I saw your name and realised it wasn't you that had actually produced the baby!

You will manage 5/3, honest. we all quake at it, but we all seem to manage it. Youre doing great to come this far with a new baby in the house.


Congratulations for the new baby. Lovely :)

Also well done for W5R2. Lovely :)

Run 3 will be fine but your life will never be the same again. Lovely :)


I’ve only been able to run sporadically in December, due to the icy pavements and then due to Xmas celebrations, but I’ve just completed W5R3 - and survived. In fact, I really enjoyed it. I’m sure you’ll be fine too, and just think what you’ve managed to achieve 😄


You will be fine, honestly. I think it's a mental hurdle for most of us, it's the thought of that step up but you will be amazed how easy it is, relatively speaking. I promise that as soon as you have done it you will believe that you can do the rest of the programme. You will be a runner :)

Masses of luck


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