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They don't understand!

I've just been for a quick little run in the sun to try out some new trail shoes. I have a bad back at the moment and I'm off to the chiropractor today, so I thought that if the shoes caused problems, I could get the problems fixed today. So only a short planned run, up the trail and back. Garmin was unhelpful - I turned round at the 1.5k mark and trotted back to my start point, to find the G stating 2.94km. What??? So what do you do? You turn round, of course, and run back a few yards, then turn back and run back again to the gate. Job done. But there was a dog walker.

"Now, then", he said. "It's either this way, or it's that way. D'you not know?"

"Ah," I puffed, gesturing at my watch, "It's all about the numbers."

"A slave!" he cried. "A slave to the numbers! Break free, lass!"

He made me giggle all the way home.

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Ha ha, I would have too. He's quite right. It's a tyranny!

I hope the new shoes are comfy. My trail shoes are like slippers. It's good not to have to even think about our feet when out on the trail. I feel like a trail run coming on. Not run one for a week or so

It's not rained for a few days so good on you for getting out there in the dry! Not to get your new shoes mucked up obviously. LOL


I'm sure someone posted a photo of a t-shirt that says 'If I fall over, pause my Garmin!'

I'm not sure about the shoes. I actually bought them just for walking down to town in, hadn't realised they were trail shoes *d'oh* but wanted some trainers. Then I realised I'd entered what appears to be an off-road race :O so thought I might try them out. It wasn't really a fair trial because the trail I run on is quite hard-packed, so not really off-road at all. They're okay, I suppose... but my knee was sore :(

Hope you have a lovely run!


Ha ha ! Flippin ' Garmins -Pah !

Mine hasn't picked ups satellite the last coupla times I've been out ! Someone on here says weather conditions can affect that , so I'm putting it down to that :-)

Good Luck Annie with the chiropractor, hope it's good news for you .

Please let us know how you go on xxxx


Every time I start my Garmin, I remind it that all the satellites are still up there, whizzing around just like they were last time we did this... *sigh*

Thanks, Pops, the chiro was painful as usual :D but there's definite progress and she is pleased with me (last time she was Displeased) because I have been icing like I know I should.

At least I'm lucky and I can go and get fixed :) xxx

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Hope the chiropractor can help. Backpains are nasty!

and of course it's all about the numbers. If it's not on Connect it doesn't count!


Thanks, Tomas, I feel much better now I've been clunked into line!

I love my statistics. I'm not fast, I don't do graphs or anything like that, but I do love Connect :) Can you imagine trying to tell someone that you've just beaten your PB - but you have no proof? No numbers? I don't think so!


Haha that's funny. I think most of us are slaves to the numbers. I've had problems with the Garmin too. Mine is on a disciplinary warning.

I hope you get your back sorted Annie. But you are running which must be good for the back. Let us know how you get on.


I often talk to my Garmin. Well, mutter at it... or shout at it. Today it was something along the lines of, 'But you said it was 1.5k so I turned round!' Hope yours behaves itself, IP!

Thanks, my back feels much better this afternoon. Need to ice and exercise like I've been told to. Luckily my chiro is a runner too so understands :)

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He is very right , stays and numbers are great but ! Enjoy your new trail shoes


Still giggling here :D Thanks, Rob, not sure the shoes are quite right for me but I've had a look at the extremely helpful map for the race and I might get away with my normal shoes - fingers crossed!

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Yes probably right though 😜


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