Tough intervals for MyAsics

So run 3 of my prep for a 10k race and it was tough. Before I even went out I knew I was in trouble. Problems with my Sacroiliitis which I haven't had for years. I managed to do the intervals where you run for 1k jog for a minute then run another and another.

Now is it that I have changed my meds or because I was running in new shoes on pavements? May have to go back to my trail shoes for the 10k.

Average pace was 5:23 per K which is good but now I'm worried about whether I have the right training plan

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  • You logged an impressive pace, but do listen to your body. Particularly if you feel doubtful even before you leave the house.

  • I know it is just one of those things I think. Stepping it up for a race in 4 weeks is not ideal ;-)

  • I didn't realise your goal was that near. That's ambitious, but if anyone can do it, then it's you. As proven by your recent results.

  • Thanks Tomas

  • I am doing a Jack Daniels training programme - it calls for mile and kilometre repeats ( which are tempo runs) - and in a months time in the programme, it will call for shorter "intervals" . The mile/klm repeats are done at tempo pace which is just below my 5K race pace - the shorter intervals are at a pace faster than my 5K race pace.

    Without knowing what times you have recorded , but looking at the paces that JD recommends for people who can run 5K in a certain time - for you to be running 1Klm repeats at 5:23 per klm, JD says that your 5K race time should be around 25:30. If you are running 5K in this time, then your 5:23 klm repeat pace would be OK - but not if your 5K race time is slower than 25:30.

    The use of the term "intervals" is a little ambiguous. My understanding is that an interval is any period of running at any pace -with a rest in between - BUT it is also commonly used to signify a fairly fast pace (faster than race pace) over short periods/distances. Longer periods of running ( ie klm/mile repeats) are more commonly called tempo repeats. That is just pedantic - but the main point is that usually "interval" training is done at a FAST EXPLOSIVE pace over a short distance.

    Personally, if it were me, I would be mostly concentrating on firstly being able to easily do the 10K distance and then secondly trying to improve that time over the next 4 weeks. What time are you anticipating to run the 10K???

  • Hi Bazza, My PB over the Surrey Hills is 1 hour 4 mins for 10k and a walk run recently was 1 hour 10 mins so I'd really like to do less than an hour. My 5k PB was 26:30 on a treadmill but 27:28 over the hills. The asics is a fast K followed by recovery jog then another fast K followed by recovery jog and another fast K. so 2 miles in total which I did in 17:48 mins. The plan says it is meant to put you out of your comfort zone but I am worried about getting injured so I think I will tone it down a bit.

  • Well, it looks like the pace you are doing for these repeat Klms is about right - not unreasonable . Could be something other than pace causing soreness?? Maybe have a bit of a rest and then do the run again using old shoes??

  • Thanks

  • Did you select the right level of the plan, eg easy, average, hard? I plumped for average and I am finding it ok

  • Hmm I went for hard and have been trying to beat the times set ;-)

  • I thought so. LOL

    Try the average and my guess is you will be fine. It still tests you!

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